CALA's governing body is the Board of Directors (here by "the Board"), which consists of "the president; vice president/president-elect; incoming vice president/president-elect for the following year, hereafter referred to as the incoming vice president/president-elect; treasurer; executive director; immediate past president; fifteen at-large directors; and all chapter presidents." (see the Committees and Officers).

The Executive Committee possesses all authority of the Board to act between board meetings, except with respect to the following matters:

  • actions requiring general membership approval
  • amendment or repeal of any portion of the Bylaws
  • amendment of any resolution of the Board unless so authorized by the Board

In order to carry out the business of the Association, the Board of Directors shall establish standing committees and ad hoc committees (including taskforces). With the help from the Board of Directors, the President appoints all the chairpersons of the committees.(see the list of Committees)

For more information see the Constitution and Bylaws

CALA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (website:

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