CALA Donation Giving / Sponsorship Policy

(Revised on September 13, 2021)

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA,, a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 tax exempt status aims to support CALA members and supporters in developing CALA as an organization and enhancing members’ professional growth and development in the short- and long-terms.

The purpose of this donation-giving /sponsorship policy is to govern CALA’s donating/sponsorship process.  The policy provides guidance to CALA when it comes to donating or sponsoring for specific or general causes. It also provides guidance to the CALA Board, the Fundraising/Public Relations Committee, and CALA members. 

Not to be confused with the CALA Donation Acceptance and Management Policy, this policy focuses on external requests for CALA’s monetary donations or sponsorships on non-CALA activities.

General Policy and Guidelines

  1. All requests for CALA to donate or to sponsor a non-CALA activity will be discussed and voted on by the  CALA Executive Committee (EC). 

  2. CALA Chapters and its leadership can decide to donate/sponsor independently from CALA EC. If a Chapter has decided to sponsor or donate to a request, CALA EC is not required to donate/sponsor the same request in order to avoid duplications. 

  3. Requests can be specific or general causes/sponsorships (e.g. ALA Emerging Leaders Program or JCLC conferences)

  4. Requests should connect to CALA’s mission, values, and support its members

  5. Requests must be free of conflict of interest. (e.g. According to ALA, “conflict of interest involves circumstances where an individual's professional actions or decisions at the [association] could be influenced by considerations of personal gain, usually of a financial nature, as a result of interests outside their [association] responsibilities.”)

  6. Requests should be related to the library and information sciences (LIS) profession. 

  7. Once a decision has been made, CALA EC will inform all parties involved. At any point, CALA can rescind its decision to donate or to sponsor

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