CALA Conference Travel Grant

2022-2023 Recipients

Dear CALA Members, 

The CALA Conference Travel Grant Subcommittee is glad to announce the recipients of 2023 CALA Conference Travel Grants. 

CALA 2023 Conference Travel Grant:

  • Suzhen Chen (ALA) 
  • Sai Deng (ALA) 
  • Jia Mi (ALA) 
  • Lei Jin (ALA) 
  • Yuan Li (ALA) 
  • Yanli Li (QQML)
  • Binh P. Le (ACRL) 
  • Sheu, Feng-Ru (ALA) 
  • Yuhao Zhang (ALA) 

CALA 2023 Chapter President Travel Grant:

  • Meng Qu - Chapter President Grant - Midwest Chapter President - ALA  
  • Shuyi Liu - Chapter President Grant (VP of Midwest Chapter) - ALA 

CALA 2023 IFLA Registration Grant: 

  • Haiyun Cao  
  • Lucy Gan  
  • Michael Bailou Huang  
  • Grace Liu  
  • Ray Pun  
  • Lian Ruan  
  • Shuzhen Zhao  
  • Ying Zhang  
  • Hong Yao  
  • Jingjing Wu  
  • Le Yang  

As a reminder, all recipients please provide the CALA treasurer Ying Liao at with your contact information and the address where you’d like your check to be mailed to.  

All checks for travel grants will be sent out after the conferences when recipients show proof of attendance and report. There are no changes to this process. 

Congratulations to all the travel grant recipients!  

Thank you. 

CALA Conference Travel Grant Subcommittee (2022-2023)  

Ping Fu (Chair) 

Hong Li

Ya Wang

Past Recipients

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