Committees and Officers (2024-2025)

(last updated 7/18/2024)

Officers and  Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Guoying Liu President (2024-2025)
Michael Bailou Huang Executive Director (2022-2025)
Yan He Vice-President/President-Elect (2025-2026)
Hong Yao Treasurer (2024-2026)
Vincci Kwong Immediate Past President (2023-2024)
Lei Jin
Incoming Vice-President/President-Elect (2026-2027)
At-Large Board of Directors (2022-2025)
Lian Ruan
Meng Qu
Feng-Ru Sheu
Anthony Chow
Yang Zeng
At-Large Board of Directors (2023-2026)
Wenli Gao 
Jen Woo 
Edward Junhao Lim 
Haiyun Cao 
Sai Deng 
At-Large Board of Directors (2024-2027)
Crystal Chen
Sunny Chung
Alvina Lai
Susan Shi
Qing Zou
Chapter Presidents (2024-2025)
Elaine Tai NCA
Maggie Wang
Elaine Kong GMA
Feng-Ru Sheu
Yuzhou Bai
Yi Wan
Jie Pan
Yanli Li
Katherina Lee
Asia-Pacific (AP) Chapter


Assessment and Evaluation Committee  
Yan He co-chair
Li Sun co-chair
Elaine Kong member
Awards Committee & Best Service Awards Subcommittee  
Wenli Gao co-chair
Hui-Fen Chang co-chair
Jinxuan Ma member
Li Sun member
Ven Basco member
Best Book Award Subcommittee  
Sai Deng co-chair
Priscilla Nga Ian Pun  co-chair
Allison Law member
Rong Lu member
Kai Zhang member
Best Research Awards & Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Subcommittee  
Yali Feng co-chair
Wei Zhang co-chair
Jinxuan Ma member
Wei Zakharov member
Mengjie Zou member
Scholarship Subcommittee  
Hongjun Li co-chair
Feng-Ru Sheu co-chair
Min Tong member
Songyao Chen member
Raymond Wang member
Conference Travel Grant Subcommittee  
Ping Fu co-chair
Suzhen Chen co-chair
Ya Wang member
Li Sun member
Yingqi Tang member
Yanhong Wang member
Constitution and Bylaws Committee & Handbook Subcommittee
Xiaojie Duan co-chair
Jing Xu co-chair
Liya Deng member
Wei Xuan member
Xiaoyin Zhang member
Conference Program Committee & Local Arrangement  
Yan He co-chair
Alison Wang co-chair
Xiaoqian Zhang member
Crystal Chen member
Yu Huang member
Election Committee  
Michale Huang Chair
Weiling Liu web committee rep
Rui Ge web committee rep
Jia Mi membership committee rep
Yue Li membership committee rep
International Relations Committee  
Michale Huang co-chair
Bella Wu co-chair
Ying Zhang member
Liya Deng member
Yali Feng member
Membership Committee  
Jia Mi co-chair
Yue Li co-chair
Edward Junhao Lim member
Jie Huang member
Nancy Schuler member
Mentorship Program Committee  
Min Tong chair
Junlin Pan member
Yanli Li member
Ven Basco member
Nominating Committee  
Vincci Kwong chair
NCA: Elaine Tai member
SCA: Xiwen Zhang member
GMA: Lianglei Qi member
MW: Shuyi Liu member
NE: Edward Junhao Lim member
SE: Yi Wan member
SW: Jie Pan member
Canada: Wei Zhang member

Asia-Pacific (AP):

Katherina Lee

Publications Committee & Subcommittees:
Newsletter Subcommittee
Esther De-Leon co-chair&Editor
Jen Woo co-chair&Editor
Amy Jiang member
Jianshan Yang member
CALASYS Subcommittee  
Mingyan Li co-chiar
Shuyi Liu co-chair
Suzhen Chen member
Sai Deng member
Angel Tang member
Social Media Subcommittee
Xiaoqian Zhang co-chair
Wei Xuan co-chair
Li Yang member
Elaine Kong member
Tianji Jiang member
Public Relations/Fundraising Committee  
Amy Jiang chair
Edward Junhao Lim member
Angel Tang member
Web Committee  
*Rui (Jeff) Ge



Weiling Liu



Allison Law member
Strategic Planning Taskforce  
Lei Jin chair
Wenli Gao member
Lian Ruan member
Vincci Kwong member
Grace Liu member
Yan He member
Cindy Li member
Michale Huang member

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