IFLA Registration Grant

The grant helps CALA members cover the cost of the 2024 IFLA World Library and Information Congress early registration fee. Please register as an IFLA member. The CALA's IFLA membership code is US-0009.

Each recipient will receive a check of $800 from the CALA Treasurer after attending the 2023 IFLA conference. The CALA's Executive Committee will approve the recommendations made by the subcommittee and announce the final recipients to the CALA listserv in early May.

Applicant Eligibility:

  • The applicant must be a CALA member in good standing status for five consecutive years (6 months for student members), including the year of application.
  • ALA IFLA Fellowship recipients are NOT qualified for this grant.
  • Applicants will be evaluated on service to CALA as well as conference involvement (presentation, participation in conference planning, etc.)

A complete application must consist of the following documents:

  • A completed CALA 2024 IFLA Registration Grant Application Form.
  • A statement outlining the needs and benefits of the grant (no more than 500 words).
  • Supporting documentation that denotes the applicant's assigned professional or administrative responsibility at the conference: a copy of the conference invitation letter, an abstract of a presentation or a paper, or a recommendation letter from the attendee’s supervisor, peer professional, or faculty adviser.
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae.

Grant Recipient Requirements:

  • Each grant recipient must submit a one-page report of the experience to the CALA Travel Grant Subcommittee within one month after attending conferences.
  • The submitted reports will be posted on the CALA website and published in the CALA Newsletter.
  • Each grant recipient must submit a registration receipt to CALA Treasurer for reimbursement of the registration fee.
  • All grant recipients must serve in a CALA committee/subcommittee/taskforce the following year and participate in CALA events actively.
  • Registration will not be reimbursed by CALA for cancellations for any reason unless documented illness, family emergency, or other unavoidable and documented circumstances.

Application Deadline: TBD.  

Announcement of the final recipients will be made by the committee no later than TBD.

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