1990 Donors and Contributors to CALA

CALA is a non-profit organization. Donation and sponsorship to CALA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about contribution and sponsorship to CALA, please contact CALA President, Ling Hwey Jeng.

CALA acknowledges generous donations from the following persons in 1999-2000:

Sheila S. Lai Research Grant Endowment Fund

  • Sheila S. Lai
  • Vickie Doll
  • Shu-Min L. Hsieh

Ching-chih Chen Leadership Development Fund

  • Jean Chen
  • Margaret Fung
  • Yong Won Kim
  • Nancy Lee
  • Rush Miller
  • Taemin Park

CALA Officers Continuing Education Fund

  • Yu-lan Chou
  • Ling H. Jeng

CALA Scholarship Fund

  • Sheau-Hwang Chang
  • Nancy Hershoff
  • Jiun Kuo
  • Jian Liu
  • Mengxiong Liu
  • Miko Pattie
  • Zhijia Shen
  • Linda Tse (in honor of Dr. Tze-Chung Li and Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee)
  • Julia Tung
  • Pei-Ling Wu
  • Harriet Ying
  • Four anonymous CALA members
  • ALA (Scholarship Bash)
  • The Li Educational Foundation (Dr. Tze-chung Li)

CALA General Fund

  • Lydia Hsieh
  • Sheau-Hwang Chang
  • Jenny Shih
  • Peter Wang
  • Peter Young
  • Taipei Economic and Cultural Center

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