2002 Donors and Contributors to CALA

CALA is a non-profit organization. Donation and sponsorship to CALA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about contribution and sponsorship to CALA, please contact CALA President, Angela Yang.

CALA acknowledges generous donations from the following persons and corporations in 2002:

CALA General Fund

  • Janice Chan
  • Paul J. Hamby
  • Nancy Hershoff
  • Chi-Chun Hsieh
  • Esther Lee
  • Gladys Jan-Bick Lee
  • Jing Liu
  • Diana Shih
  • Richard L. Stone
  • Margalit Susser
  • Wendy Tan
  • Peter S. Wang
  • Lisa Zhao (for Rush Miller)

CALA Scholarship Fund

  • Josephine Fang
  • Nancy S. Hershoff
  • Linda Tse
  • Hong Wang

CALA Research Fund

  • Mengxiong Liu

C.C. Seetoo Conference Traveling Scholarship

  • Amy Seetoo

Ching-chih Chen Leadership Development Fund

  • Betty L. Tsai

Sally Tseng Professional Development Fund

  • Sally Tseng

Directory Advertisement

  • China Books & Publication Inc.
  • Dartmouth College
  • East View Publications
  • Fa Da Bakery Corp.
  • Han Shan Tang Books
  • Total Library Services
  • W.J. Book Store Inc.
  • Yu Huei Li (for New York Chiou)

Newsletter Advertisement

  • Bookoo Inc.
  • Dartmouth College

Books to China

  • Eugenia Tang

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