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  • 06/10/2024 10:38 AM | Anonymous

    The Intranet site at is now live as CALA's website at

    -- CALA Webmaster (2023-2024)

  • 06/06/2024 12:36 PM | Anonymous

    The CALA Scholarship Subcommittee would like to announce the 2024 CALA Scholarship Awards as below:

    1. The CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science, $1,000: one student

    • Elaine Wei San Kong (江慧珊) from University of Pittsburgh - Ph.D. student in Library and Information Science

    2. Sage and JCLC NALCo LIS Student Scholarship for CALA (The Sage & JCLC Inc. NALCo LIS Student Scholar Program): two students, $1000 each

    • Luming Zhang from University of Washington - MS student in Library and Information Science
    • Caroline Chow from San José State University - Masters of Library and Information Science graduate student

    3. The Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and Information Science, $500: one student

    • Hiu Wing (Ann) Sze 施曉穎 from Western University (University of Western Ontario), London, ON, Canada - Masters of Library and Information Science graduate student

    4. Huang Tso-ping & Wu Yao-yu Research & Scholarship (for faculty and students at Wuhan University, China)

    • Faculty: Ying Huang (黄颖)
    • Students: Yiren Zhang (张逸人) and Wei Feng (冯薇)

    Congratulations to all award recipients!

    CALA Scholarship Subcommittee (

    Hui-Fen Chang, Co-chair

    Clara Tran, Co-chair

    Katherina Lee

    Yanli Li

    Wei Zakharov

  • 05/23/2024 1:07 PM | Anonymous

    Dear CALA members,


    If you’re attending the 2024 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, please consider participating in the following CALA events. With the exception of the CALA Banquet, all these events are part of the ALA conference and require registration.


    CALA Events at ALA 2024 Annual Conference & Exhibition

    A Panel Discussion on Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Libraries (CALA President’s Program) 

    6/30, 1-2pm PST

    Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 26 A B

    Moderator: Michael B. Huang

    Panelists: Leo Lo, Bohyun Kim, Fangmin Wang, and Bella Wu


    CALA Posters Session

    6/30, 2-3pm PST

    Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 26 A B


    CALA Banquet

    6/30, 6:30pm PST

    Location: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant, 4609 Convoy Street, Ste A   San Diego, CA 92111

    Bus transportation will be provided to and from the restaurant.


    Collecting Chinese Jewish Stories for Your Library: A Panel of Voices from Two Cultures (Sponsored by CALA, Association of Jewish Libraries, and EMIERT)

    7/1, 4-5pm, PST

    Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 5B

    Moderator: Ray Pun and Sally Stieglitz

    Presenters: Susan Blumberg-Kason, Virginia Loh-Hagan, Rachel DeWoskin, Lynn Scurfield, Richard Ho, Wendy Shang, and Madelyn Rosenberg

    CALA Conference Program Committee & Local Arrangement Committee

  • 05/10/2024 1:24 PM | Anonymous

    Banquet Registration Form: ALA/CALA 2024 Annual Conference

    Dear CALA Members,

    ALA/CALA Annual Conference Banquet will be held on Sunday June 30, 2024 at: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant, 4609 Convoy Street, Ste A   San Diego, CA 92111.

    During this event, CALA President Vincci Kwong and CALA Immediate President Ray Pun will give speeches. CALA 2023-2024 Awards will be presented. 

    Besides, this is the greatest opportunity for CALA members to get to know each other:  seeing old friends and getting to know the new ones.  You will also taste authentic Chinese food in San Diego.

    We greatly encourage as many CALA members as possible to participate.  Banquet Registration will be closed by May 15, 2024

    CALA Program Committee is very grateful for CALA president and Executive Committee for their great leadership and enormous financial support for this event. CALA would also like to acknowledge our sponsors and donors: EBSCO, Sage, Overdrive, and Dr. Kawanna Bright, for their generous support and partnership in making this event possible!


    Payment Method: Zelle (type in:, the registered name is "Chinese American Librarians Association")
              *If you have difficulty to pay, please let Yue Li (, 850-345-3925) know and he will pay on your behalf and you can pay him later

    Payment amount:  $30 per person

    Time of the banquet:  June 30, 6:30 - 10:00 pm

    Restaurant Name: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

    Restaurant Address: 4609 Convoy Street, Ste A    San Diego, CA 92111 

    Note: Bus transportation to and from the restaurant will be provided 

    Fill out form

  • 05/10/2024 1:15 PM | Anonymous

    Dear CALA Officers, Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs, Chapter Presidents,

    Thank you sincerely for serving CALA and contributing your time and effort to make CALA a better and stronger organization in search of excellence. 

    Now it's time to prepare your annual report. The submission date starts from 5/10/2024. The deadline for submission is 6/5/2024 (extended to 6/15/2024). Please follow the instructions to submit your report. 


    1. Download a copy of the template at
    2. Follow the instructions in the template to name the report file
    3. Go to
    4. Sign in to the system
    5. Follow the instructions to upload the report

    I greatly appreciate Weiling Liu's help in setting up the form in the system. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. Many thanks to you all. 



    Michael Bailou Huang, MLS, MSEd, MSAc, LAc

    Executive Director, Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)

  • 04/19/2024 8:54 AM | Anonymous

    Dear CALA members,

    The Digital Services Evaluation (DSE) Taskforce and Web Committee are pleased to announce that the newly revised Intranet website is now available for members to preview. The revision is based on the feedback the DSE Taskforce collected in early 2023 and a usability test conducted by the DSE Taskforce in early 2024. This new site will become the next version of the CALA website (,  so announcements or news will be added to the new site only during this preview time.

    We would appreciate it if you could take time from your busy schedule to visit the site and give us feedback by 5/31/2024.

    Intranet URL:


    Weiling Liu

    On behalf of The Digital Services Evaluation (DSE) Taskforce (2023-24) and Web Committee (2023-24)

  • 04/17/2024 7:02 AM | Anonymous

    Sage and the Joint Council of Librarians of Color (JCLC) have extended a partnership to provide scholarships to Library Information Science students from the National Associations of Librarians of Color (NALCo).

    The program provides a $2,000 award to library students from each of the five NALCo member organizations:

    • American Indian Library Association (AILA)
    • Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA)
    • Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA)
    • Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)
    • REFORMA: The National Association to Promote Library & Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking

    “Sage is committed to supporting the growth of diverse and inclusive teaching and learning communities where every individual has the opportunity to reach their potential. And as an independent company, we are free to transform this commitment into action,” said Karen Phillips, executive vice president of learning at Sage. “This scholarship program represents an investment in the educational and professional journey of library school students and librarianship—a role that we view as a critical component of teaching and research across campus.”

    Review panels created by each NALCo member association will select recipients based on their own established eligibility criteria. Applicants must be currently pursuing a Library and Information Science Master of Art, Master of Science, or Doctor of Philosophy graduate degree. The call for applications will be made in the spring, and the scholarships will be announced later this year.

    JCLC Inc. Board President Dr. Kenneth Yamashita said, “The JCLC Inc. Board is most gratified that Sage has chosen to renew the Sage and JCLC Inc. NALCo LIS Student Scholarship program for 2024. During the program’s first year, the five NALCo successfully incorporated the Sage and JCLC Inc. scholarships into their existing scholarship application procedures and selected outstanding candidates who will become the future BIPOC leaders in the library information science professions.”

    # # # #

    About Sage

    Sage is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and library resources with a growing range of technologies to enable discovery, access, and engagement. Believing that research and education are critical in shaping society, 24-year-old Sara Miller McCune founded Sage in 1965. Today, we are controlled by a group of trustees charged with maintaining our independence and mission indefinitely.

    Our guaranteed independence means we’re free to:

    • Do more – supporting an equitable academic future, furthering disciplines that drive social change, and helping social and behavioral science make an impact
    • Work together – building lasting relationships, championing diverse perspectives, and co-creating resources to transform teaching and learning
    • Think long-term – experimenting, taking risks, and investing in new ideas

    About the Joint Council of Librarians of Color Inc.

    The Joint Council of Librarians of Color Inc. (JCLC, Inc.) was formed in June 2015 as a nonprofit organization that advocates for and addresses the common needs of the National Associations of Librarians of Color (NALCo). The five NALCo co-sponsor the quadrennial Joint Conferences of Librarians of Color, for which the JCLC Inc. acts as the fiduciary agent and oversight provider.


  • 01/30/2024 1:02 PM | Anonymous

    Dear CALA members,

    We are pleased to announce that Lily Li, daughter of Dorothy Li and the late Dr. Tze-chung Li (co-founders of CALA), agreed to donate generously to sustain the Dr. Tze-chung Li's Student Membership Scholarship

    We have already received and processed 4 new student members for the first year through this scholarship. We thank Lily Li for her donation and the CALA membership committee for promptly processing the applications.

    In addition, the CALA Board of Directors recently approved CALA Honorary Membership Guidelines and approved to recognize Lily Li as a CALA honorary member due to her donation and family's contributions to CALA. This information will be shared on the website later. 

    Thank you,

    Ray Pun on behalf of the CALA Public Relations and Fundraising Committee

  • 01/09/2024 9:34 PM | Anonymous

    The Public Relations and Fundraising Committee is pleased to announce that CALA's Chinese Monthly Calendar 2024 is now available for download at

  • 12/07/2023 9:48 PM | Anonymous

    Dear CALA members,

                    PLA is offering registration discount for CALA members to attend the PLA 2024 Conference, please see details below. Have a nice day!

    Vincci Kwong.

    PLA 2024 Conference

    Save with member advanced rate on PLA Conference Registration!

    The Public Library Association (PLA) invites you to join thousands of public library workers, supporters, and vendors in Columbus, Ohio, April 3–5, to celebrate all things public libraries! Members of the five National Associations of Librarians of Color (NALCo), including members of AILA, APALA, BCALA, CALA, and REFORMA, may register with the ALA member rate, saving $153 over nonmembers. CALA members may use the code ALAAFFPLA24 at registration to access the ALA member rate. Reserve your spot today !

    The PLA 2024 Conference offers more than 100 thoughtfully curated education sessions, inspiring speakers and authors, engaging networking opportunities, career services, micro-learning moments, and a bustling exhibits hall featuring the latest in products, services, and innovations. CALA members are encouraged to visit the programs schedule to view programs and speakers on a wide range of topics, with Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice at the center. Some examples include:

    • Breaking Barriers: Engaging Immigrants and Building More Inclusive Communities
    • Multilingual Library Services and Programs in Chicago Public Library and Kansas City Public Library
    • Diversifying Your Displays and Book Lists
    • Empowered: The Unspoken Work of EDI & Take Away Strategies
    • Anti-Racist Reader Services: Beyond the Basics

    Together, let’s shape the future of public libraries. Reserve your spot today and save $153 over nonmembers with the advanced rate before February 23.

    Register Now


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