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Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant

A. Overview

The purpose of the Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant is to support research and program related activities by CALA members. A grant in the amount of US$1,000 will be awarded annually to an individual recipient or multiple recipients from the same project. Proposals must focus on program and research in library and information science with the goal of advancing the INDIVIDUAL’S professional status, knowledge, and contributions to the community. Proposals will be evaluated by the criteria identified in these guidelines.

B. Eligibility

  • Any CALA member in good standing can apply.
  • he applicant must demonstrate interests in library research and professional development by publishing a paper or delivering a presentation at a conference, institute, or workshop sponsored by professional library organizations such as the American Library Association, the Chinese American Librarians Association, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, the Library Society of China, Library Association of China.
  • A CALA member who has received the Tseng’s Grant must wait for five years before applying for the grant again.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have never received the Tseng's Grant.

C. How to Apply

The applicant should submit one (1) complete set of his/her application package electronically in Word and/or PDF files via email attachments to the Co-Chairs of the Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant Subcommittee, Liana Zhou, zhoul@indiana.edu and Yuan Li, YL7@princeton.edu.

D. Application Package

A complete application package should be submitted in English and must include the following items:

  • Cover Letter - A brief professional statement (350 words or less) explaining applicant’s interest and background in library research and career goals, including the needs, goals, and objectives of the proposed research/project.
  • Budget.
  • Timetable for Completion.
  • Three letters of references with name, title, institution, email address and signature.
  • A resume or curriculum vitae.

The application package must be received by the Co-Chairs via email with attachments. Application materials will not be returned to applicants.

E. Deadline of Application

The complete application package must be received no later than TBD. Late and/or incomplete application will NOT be accepted nor considered.

F. Funding Sources

  • Funding is derived from the dividends of the Sally C. Tseng Investment Fund which has been donated to CALA by the Tseng’s family and Sally’s friends that will be awarded to the best applicant in the amount of US$1,000.00 annually.
  • The Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant is coordinated by CALA Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Subcommittee.
  • The Grant may be suspended in the case of no qualified applicant or in the case of economic recession that impacts the Tseng's Investment Fund which has been invested in a mutual fund account.

G. Funding Period

One year, July – June.

H. Notification

  • The Co-Chairs of the Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant Subcommittee will notify the successful applicant in May prior to the ALA Annual Conference.
  • The recipient will be announced on the CALA listserv, CALA Newsletter and CALA website.
  • The successful recipient will be asked to submit a photograph to be used in Grant publicity.
  • The Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant will be awarded at the CALA Awards Banquet during the ALA Annual Conference.

I. CALA Award Banquet and Report

  • The successful recipient will be invited to the CALA Annual Awards Banquet by the CALA President when the Grant will be presented to the recipient during the ALA annual conference.
  • The Tseng’s Grant recipient is required to submit a written report to the CALA Executive Director and Sally C. Tseng before the next ALA Annual Conference.


  • Recipients (2021 - ):
      • 2023 - Feng-Ru Sheu.
      • 2022 - Dr. Ruehua Huang and Jia Mi/Hui-fen Chang
      • 2021 - Meng Qu
  • Recipients (2004-2010)

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