CALA Distinguished Service Award

The CALA Distinguished Service Award is given annually to individuals who consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership and achievement in library and information services at the national and/or international level. Distinguished contributions and services to the advancement of Chinese-American librarianship will receive special consideration from the CALA Awards Committee. This Award is a permanent and highest recognition given by the Association. No individual can receive the award more than once. There shall be no consideration for or against a candidate’s age, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or length of service to the profession. The recipient needs to be a member of CALA.


2023 Hong Yao
2022 Weiling Liu
2021 Michael Bailou Huang
2020 Guoying Liu
2019 Dr. Lian Ruan
2018 Dr. Zhijia Shen
2017 Dora Ho
2016 Clara M. Chu
2015 Yongyi Song
2013 Min Zhou
2012 Ms. Barbara Ford
2011 Dr. Rush G. Miller
2010 Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng
2009 Prof. John T. Ma
2008 Mr. Haipeng Li
2007 Dr. ShaLi Zhang
2006 Ms. Liana Zhou
2005 Ms. Susana Liu
2004 Ms. Linna Yu
2003 Mr. Peter R. Young
2002 Prof. Xinxia Lai (来新夏)
2001 Mr. Eugene Wu (吴文津)
2000 Ms. Amy Ching-Fen Tsiang (吴慶芬)
1999Ms. Priscilla Yu (于張品絲)
1998 Mr. Karl K. Lo
1997 Ms. Betty Tsai (蔡林麗芸)
1996 Mr. Gary Strong
1995 Mr. Shou-jing Zhuang (庄守經) & Dr. David Kaser
1994 Ms. Julia W. Tung
1993 Ms. Amy D. Seetoo (司徒達森) & Irene Yeh (葉方光晴)
1992 Dr. Lois Mai Chan (麥麟屏)
1991 Dr. Norma N. Yueh (樂乃儂)
1990 Mr. Karl Ku (顧敏) & Prof. Harris Seng (沈寶環)
1989 Dr. Margaret C. Fung (张鼎钟)
1988 Dr. Tze-Chung Li (李志钟)
1987 Prof. Chen-Ku Wang (王振鹄)
1986 Dr. Wen-Yu Yen (嚴文郁) & Ms. Gloria Hsia (夏王詳明)
1985 Dr. Tsuen-Hsuin Tsien (錢存訓) & Mr. David Ta-ching Liu (劉大經)
1984 Ms. Sally C. Tseng (曾程雙修)
1983 Dr. Hwa-wei Lee (李華偉)
1982 Dr. Ching-chih Chen (陳劉欽智)
1981 No one awarded
1980 Dr. Ernest Wolff

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