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CALA Committees (2022-2023)

Assessment and Evaluation Committee

Constitution and Bylaws Committee & Handbook Subcommittee

Conference Program Committee & Local Arrangement

International Relations Committee

Mentorship Program Committee

Membership Committee

Public Relations/Fundraising Committee

Web Committee

CALA Awards Committee & Subcommittees

Awards Committee

CALA Annual Best Book Award Subcommittee

Best Service Awards Subcommittee

Best Research Awards Subcommittee

Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Subcommittee

Scholarship Subcommittee

CALA Conference Travel Grant Subcommittee

CALA Publications Subcommittees

International Journal of Librarianship (IJOL) (three-year appointment)

Newsletter Subcommittee (three-year appointment)

CALASYS Subcommittee

Social Media Subcommittee

CALA Task Force

CALA/YALSA Taskforce

CALA 50th anniversary taskforce

CALA Representatives

CALA Representative for JCLC Steering Committee

JCLC Call to Action Subcommittee CALA Representative

ALA ODLOS Representative