2024 CALA Awards and Grant recipients

07/03/2024 9:00 AM | Anonymous

Dear CALA members,

Since COVID, announcements for CALA Awards and Grant recipients have been shared through the CALA listserv and the CALA Membership Meeting. The Executive Committee sincerely apologizes that this information was not clearly communicated, which led to a misunderstanding that the Award and Grant presentations will be held at the CALA Banquet at ALA.

Below is a list of recipients for this year’s awards and grants. The recording for the Membership Meeting is available at https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_p4gt51yo. Award and grant recipient information will be updated on corresponding CALA webpages accordingly.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for CALA’s program(s), we encourage you to share them with the Executive Committee at exc@cala-web.org. Your input is valuable to us. Thank you for your support!


Vincci Kwong

2023-2024 CALA President

CALA Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung

Huanwen Cheng


CALA Distinguished Service Award

Wenli Gao


CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science

Elaine Wei San Kong


Sage and JCLC NALCo LIS Student Scholarship for CALA

Luming Zhang and Caroline Chow


Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and Information Science

Hiu Wing (Ann) Sze


Huang Tso-ping & Wu Yao-yu Research & Scholarship (Faculty)

Ying Huang


Huang Tso-ping & Wu Yao-yu Research & Scholarship (LIS Student)

Yiren Zhang and Wei Feng


Sally S. Tseng Professional Development Grant

Hsianghui Liu-Spencer


President's Recognition Award


Assessment and Evaluation Committee, Mentoring Program Committee, Public Relations and Fundraising Committee, Web Committee, Web Application Development Taskforce, Digital Services Evaluation Taskforce


Volunteer Leaders

Ray Pun, Edward Junhao Lim, Weiling Liu, Lei Jin, Esther De-Leon, Qing Zou, Ying Liao


ALA Travel Grant

Min Tong, Michael Huang, Grace Liu, Feng-Ru Sheu, Fangmin Wang, Changhong (Bella) Wu, Hui-Feng Chang, Xiaojie Duan, Xiaojie Duan, Jing Xu


China Travel Grant

Wei Xuan, Jinxuan Ma, Yali Feng, Wenli Gao, Kuie Chiu


Chapter President Travel Grant

Wei Zhang, Maggie Wang, Shuyi Liu


CALA Best Book Award

Children’s Fiction

The Many Masks of Andy Zhou by Jack Cheng


Children’s Nonfiction

On the Tip of a Wave: How Ai Weiwei’s Art is Changing the Tide by Joanna Ho and Catia Chien


Young Adult Fiction

An Echo in the City by K.X. Song


Young Adult Nonfiction

The Boy from Clearwater: Book 1 by Yu Pei-Yun


Adult Fiction

Straw Dogs of the Universe: A Novel by Ye Chun


Adult Nonfiction

Orphan Bachelors: A Memoir by Fae Myenne Ng

Mott Street: A Chinese American Family’s Story of Exclusion and Homecoming by Ava Chin


Honor Books

Children’s Fiction

Ghost Book by Remy Lai


Young Adult Fiction

Hungry Ghost by Victoria Ying


Adult Fiction

The Chinese Groove: A Novel by Kathryn Ma


Vincci Kwong

Librarian, Director of Research and Learning

Franklin D. Schurz Library



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