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2018 CALA Best Book Award Recipients

Our committee (CALA Best Book Award Committee) is pleased to announce the following winners of CALA Best Book Award 2018:

  • Juvenile literature: 曹冲称象 (publisher: Arbordale Publishing Company). The book submitted by Songju Ma Daemicke.
  • Research: Hollywood made in China (publisher: University of California Press). The book submitted by Aynne Kokas and Ramon Smith.
  • Fiction: 一粟浮沉 (publisher: 美国南方出版社). The book submitted by 王军 (Peter Wang).

In this year, we received 13 nominations via forms and physical items. 7 of them we prefer not to evaluate because of different reasons (including duplicated items, lack of physical items and unqualified procedures of submission). So we total have 7 qualified selections: 2 items of juvenile literature, 1 item of research, and 4 items of fiction. Our committee evaluated them with scores and comments. The winners earned the highest average scores at different subjects. Here is our evaluation average scores and brief comments for each of them:

Juvenile literature

曹冲称象 (average scores 17)

This is a juvenile literature book of retelling of a traditional Chinese story to English-speaking kids and excellent illustration with accurate period details for costume, architecture, etc. Also a wonderful tie-in with STEM curriculum with included scientific explanation, experiments and facts. It is a good way to introduce Chinese culture to juvenile English readers. It is valuable for children to learn Chinese culture and heritage.


Hollywood made in China (average scores 18.33)

This book comes highly recommended in the academia for the study of film/media and Sino-US relations as well as for professionals in the media industry. It also examines the new collaborations of Sino-US media with insightful policy analysis, ethnographic research, and interviews with film workers in both China and the US, provides reliable information for research in the area with first-hand ethnographic research, interview and policy analysis.


一粟浮沉 (average scores 15.67)

It is valuable as a literature reading with proficient narrative skills. The good plot of story with well described historical background reflects the suffering of people during different historical periods and their humanities.

We do appreciate all of the nominations. It is our honor to read and evaluate your work. Looking forward to meeting you in New Orleans, Louisiana.


CALA Best Book Award Committee (2017-2018)

Anlin Yang, Chair (

Zheng Jessica Lu (

Jian Zhang (