CALA Twenty-first Century Librarian Seminar Series (2006 - present)

(This Seminar Series' website was initially located at University of Illinois at Chicargo's Web Server. It was migrated to CALA's website by CALA Webmaster 2015-2016 with some format changes in July 2015.)


From July 17th-21st, the CALAMW Chapter delegation, which consisted of Shuyong Jiang, Xudong Jin (group leader), Haipeng Li, Haiwang Yuan, and Lisa Zhao, held a 5-day seminar on topics of librarianship at Yunnan University. The seminar, entitled "CALA Twenty-first Century Librarian Seminar Series," was co-sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Library Commission, the CALAMW Chapter and Yunnan University. The focus of the seminar was to provide a practical way to examine librarianship in the United States. More than 100 librarians from China participated in the event. Topics covered include library management, reference and instruction, cataloging and digital libraries, library consortium and outsourcing, challenges and opportunities, and many others. Feedback from participants was very positive.

In fact the seminar turned out to be so successful that the Yunnan Provincial Library Commission requested that we go back next year. After some discussions, the Yunnan Provincial Library Commission and CALA singed an agreement to conduct the training project for a three year period: year one (2006) with Yunnan University (already done); year two (2007) with Yunnan Normal University; and year three (2008) with the Kunming Polytechnic University. Future collaboration will be explored further after the initial three-year period.

Two other universities in China also made contact with Haipeng Li, CALA President, and expressed serious interest in collaborating on similar projects. These were Northeast Normal University in Changchun, Jilin Province and Shanxi Agricultural University in Taigu, Shanxi Province. Haipeng signed an initial agreement with the Northeast Normal University and made a verbal agreement with the Shanxi Agricultural University for collaboration next year. (Quoted from 2006/07 CALA President Summer Report)

    General requirements for a seminar presenter

    • Must be a CALA member (member fee is paid for 2005/06 and will pay 2006/07, or a life member);
    • Must have an ALA-accredited MLS degree;
    • Must have at least 6 years of post MLS degree professional working experience in a library in the U.S.;
    • Must be willing to work with the group and follow the leadership of the group leader.
    • Responsibilities for CALA Delegations' Leaders and Presenters:
      1. Be responsible for international travel;
      2. Be responsible for preparing and delivering PowerPoint presentations;
      3. Be responsible for the quality of the assigned training topics;
      4. Other responsibilities.
    • Responsibilities for Hosting Institutions in China:
      1. Be responsible for each CALA delegate and one of his/her family member's domestic travel in China (partially or fully);
      2. Be responsible for room and board for the duration of the seminar;
      3. Be responsible for the logistics on the planning of the seminar;
      4. Be responsible for call for seminar participates.
    • Seminar Presenters Application Procedures:
      1. The CALA International Relations Committee sends call for presenter message to the CALA list as well as posts the message to the CALA Website;
      2. CALA members submit their applications through email with filled out application form, a 200-word short statement to state what are your strong points and what subjects you would like to contribute at the seminar, and two of your current resumes (one in English and the other Chinese) to the International Relations Committee before or on the deadline (December 31st for this year);
      3. The International Relations Committee select members for each seminar and report to the CALA President for the approval;
      4. The two Co-Chairs of the CALA International Relations Committee should work with all seminar leaders and the CALA liaisons.
      5. Sample of Resume (Word document). This is a sample of Chinese resume. When you submit your resume, please make it both in English and Chinese following this format and save them in MS Word and pdf. The selected semenar members' resumes will be forwarded to Chinese institutions later and they want to see similar format for all resumes.

    Seminars in the process and past years