Executive Director Report

Executive Director's

Haipeng Li

June 20, 2011


This past year, we have seen many issues which have arisen
that would post questions/challenges to CALA as a professional organization.
Professional organizations as we know them have constitutions and bylaws, rules
and procedures, guidelines and regulations to follow. Without them, they would
not be professional organizations. Issues were also raised regarding
professional behaviors towards each other, how Board meetings were conducted,
and how basic rules of meetings needed to be followed.  The CALA Board needs to address all of them
in order to move forward as a professional organization.

CALA is an organization with much potential. All of us have
seen the progress and success that CALA has achieved under strong leadership in
CALA's history. CALA has become and will continue to be a leader in many areas
of the profession, both in the US and abroad, if CALA can truly act as a
professional organization, reinforcing the practice of closely following its
rules and procedures. It is apparent that 
training in this area is critically needed for our officers and Board
members. I believe we can do it if we all work together, and address issues in
a professional manner.

I encourage all Board members to think about these issues
and prepare ourselves for the future of this organization. Our members need us
to promote CALA as a professional association that can lead, not just in the
US, but globally.

I look forward to working with all of you in the coming

Thank you.