Cleveland Public Library

Project Description:

Participating families will design their bag contents based on their interest in Chinese history and culture.  They will be able to record their progress via Blog and share their family activities with others.


Participating Families received personal invitation by the project coordinator at the Cleveland Library.  To encourage participation, CPL allows participating families to select topics that they are interested in. Project coordinator, Caroline Han, is from the Foreign Language Dept.  She has been showing some topics using library materials that they currently have to the families and help them to choose topics and activities. Bags then will be put together based on the chosen topics, activities, and materials purchased/selected.

Participating Families: 

A total of five Chinese-American families were recruited. The family size ranges from two-person to five-person including grandparents.

Materials: Books and DVDs were purchased for the project.

Suggested DVDs for purchase:


Vendor Support:  

A donation of $150 ($30 for each family) was received from a library vendor due to the effort of the coordinator of the project, Ms. Han.  The money will be used to purchase cash cards/gift cards ($30 each) and given to participating families as incentives.

Progress and comments:

Caroline thought this is a very interesting project. Though CPL has foreign language books for children and adults, they have never done programs that invite every member in a family to participate together. May is also the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Therefore, having the DaiDai project right now and in May is perfect timing.

Caroline expressed appreciation to the ALA Family Literacy Focus/DaiDai project. The project provides CPL with additional funding for library programs/materials which is much needed in this economy. She also felt that not only the current participating families can benefit for the project; by their participation they (the families) helped bring in materials, programs and experiences that the entire CPL library system and the community can benefit from.


Staffing is a major issue at Cleveland Public Library.  Caroline is the only Chinese speaking librarian. She wished she had more time to devote to the program.