CALA Business, Activities, and Programs After ALA Annual Conference Cancellation

Important news:

Dear CALA Board Members, Chapter Presidents, Committee Chairs, Members, and Friends:

We have news to share about our plans for our organization businesses due to the cancellation of ALA Annual Conference in Chicago in June due to the serious, ongoing public health situation of COVID-19 pandemic.  So, based on that change, CALA Executive Committee held a meeting Wednesday and made the following decisions.  

  1. CALA Annual Program: Due to cancellation of ALA Annual Conference, CALA will not have an on-site annual program. Instead, we hope to have a virtual one. We will contact the speakers to make sure that it is fine with them. A further announcement as to time and date will be made once we have confirmations with them and a web conferencing tool is picked.
  2. CALA Post Session Presentation: Due to the same reason above, CALA will not have an on-site poster session presentations. Instead, we will have a virtual one to give our poster session presenters a chance to share their research ideas and achievements online. A further announcement as to time and date will be made once a web conferencing tool is picked.
  3. Travel Grants for ALA Annual: Any travel grants related to attending the ALA Annual Conference will be suspended. This also includes the partial grant of Jing Liao Research Award for travel to attend the on-site award ceremony.
  4. Travel Grants for IFLA: Travel Grants for 2020 IFLA Conference Registration will be put on hold. We are not sure whether it will still take place or be cancelled yet. We will wait and see.
  5. Award Ceremony and Banquet: On-site Banquet and award ceremony will be cancelled. However, CALA will still hold a virtual ceremony for our awards. CALA members are doing great jobs and they deserve our organization recognitions in terms of research and service.
  6. CALA Elections: CALA national election will proceed as scheduled. Chapter elections are encouraged to be planned and conducted.
  7. Chapter Conferences: CALA Executive Committee strongly encourage our local chapters to continue to hold online professional activities during this COVID-19 pandemic time. Yesterday, CALA Southeast and Southwest Chapters co-hosted a conference and it attracted many of our members to attend it. Special thanks to Jia He and Jingshan Xiao for putting such a wonderful program together. Kudos also go to the presenters and participants across the country and even far from Suzhou, China. I know Midwest Chapter is doing call for proposals at the moment.

CALA Executive Committee is currently exploring to purchase a web conferencing tool, e.g. Zoom, in order to host our virtual programs. This project will be done as soon as possible.

CALA Executive Committee is proposing to have a virtual by-weekly activity called “Social Check In (Tea or Coffee Break)” to allow our work-at-home colleagues and members to share what they are doing for their work, for their families, and for themselves during this COVID-19 pandemic time. The start of this activity, as to time and date, will be announced soon.

At last, we would like to emphasize the importance of our safety and health. Nothing can be more treasured as compared with our lives and wellbeing. During this special and unprecedented time and public health crisis, we care about you and support you all. So please come to our social check-in activity and let us know you are fine when we invite you in email later on!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at

With warm regards,

·       Fu Zhuo (President)  (2019-2020)

·       Lian Ruan (Executive Director) (2019-2022)

·       Ying Zhang (Immediate Past President) (2018-2019)

·       Hong Yao (Vice-President/President-Elect) (2020-2021)

·       Ying Liao (Treasurer) (2018-2020)

·       Wenli Gao  (Incoming Vice-President/President-Elect) (2021-2022)