2019 CALA conference travel grant

On behalf of the CALA Conference Travel Grant Committee, I am happy to announce the following recipients for the 2019 conference travel grant.

Conference Travel Grant recipients:

  • Andrew Lee
  • Crystal Chen
  • Huifen Chang
  • Jia He
  • Katherina Lee
  • Kuei Chiu
  • Yan Liu

Chapter President Conference Travel Grant recipients:

  • Hong Yao
  • Lei Jin
  • Mingyan Li
  • Peng Mu
  • Ray Pun

IFLA Registration Grant recipients:

  • Grace Liu
  • Michael Huang
  • Min Liu
  • Ning Zou
  • Ping Fu
  • Ray Pun
  • Raymond Wang
  • Ruan Lian
  • Tzu-Heng Chiu
  • Ying Zhang

As a reminder, each recipient will provide the CALA treasurer Ying Liao (cairo_liao@hotmail.com) with proof of attendance such as registration of the conference along with the address you want the check to be mailed to.  Your check will come after your conference. Also, as an association member, CALA members are eligible for registering IFLA conference at member’s rate. CALA's code is US-0009 for IFLA member's registration. The deadline for early bird registration is May 15, 2019.

Please also see grant recipient requirements below:

•      Each grant recipient must submit a one-page report of his/her experience to the CALA Travel Grant Committee, within the one month following the conference s/he attended.

•      The submitted reports will be posted on the CALA website and published in the CALA Newsletter.

•      All grant recipients are strongly encouraged to volunteer to serve on CALA committees and to participate in CALA events actively.

Thank you for the generous support of CALA president and EC. Please join me in congratulating our grant winners again.


Wenli Gao, Data Services Librarian
University Libraries
University of Houston
A Carnegie-designated Tier One public research university