2017-2018 Conference Travel Grants Recipients

Dear CALA Members:

A CALA member kindly pointed out that there is an error in the wording of the initial announcement. Here is the revised version.  Sorry for the inconvenience:

CALA 2017-2018 Conference Travel Grant Committee is glad to announce the recipients of 2018 CALA Conference Travel Grants:

CALA 2018 Conference Travel Grant ($500 each from CALA)

  1. Yongyi Song (California State University, Los Angeles)
  2. Sharon Yang (Rider University)
  3. Yuan Li (Princeton University)
  4. Qi Chen (Calumet College of St. Jose)
  5. Lili Li  (Georgia Southern University)

Chapter President Travel Grant ($500 each total: $300 from CALA and $200 from respective CALA chapters)

  1. Yan He (George Washington University)
  2. Jie Tian (California State University, Fullerton)
  3. Wenli Gao (University of Houston)
  4. Mingyan Li (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  5. Yan He (Indiana University, Kokomo)

CALA 2018 IFLA Registration Grant ($600 each from CALA)

  1. Guoying Liu    (University of Windsor)
  2. Michael B. Huang (Stony Brook University)
  3. Raymond Pun (California State University, Fresno)
  4. Lian Ruan (Illinois Fire Service Institute)
  5. Ying Zhang (University of Central Florida)


The grant recipients should email their mailing address to CALA treasurer Ying Liao at cairo_liao@hotmail.com.

Congratulations to all the travel grant recipients! 


CALA Conference Travel Grant Committee (2017-2018) 

Leping He, Co-Chair  (leping.he@asu.edu)

Kuei Chiu, Co-Chair (kuei.chiu@ucr.edu)

Vincci Kwong  (vkwong@iusb.edu)

Jon Jablonski (jonjab@ucsb.edu)

Maggie Wang (wang_maggie@hotmail.com)