2017-2018 Committees

CALA Committees, Task Forces, and Representatives (2017-2018)

(Appointed by President Le Yang, 2017)


Part I – 12 Standing Committees


  1. Assessment and Evaluation Committee


Handbook Sub-Committee


  1. Awards Committee




  1. Conference Program Committee


  1. Constitution and Bylaws Committee


  1. Finance Committee


  1. International Relations Committee


  1. Membership Committee


  1. Nomination Committee


  1. Public Relations/Fundraising Committee


  1. Publications Committee



  1. Scholarship Committee


  • Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library & Information Science
  • CALA Scholarship of Library & Information Science
  • Huang Tso-ping and Wu Yao-yu Scholarship Memorial Fund
  • Lisa Zhao Scholarship Fund Current Students
  • Lisa Zhao Scholarship Fund New Librarians
  • Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Committee (Suspended due to lack of signed donor agreement)


    • All scholarships are handled by the Scholarship Committee


  1.  Web Committee


Part II – Regular Committee:


  1. Election Committee

      Lian Ruan lruan@illinois.edu (Chair)

  1. Leadership Training Program Committee


Part III – Taskforce:


Part IV – Representatives:

Rep to JCLC


Rep to ODLOS


Rep to IFLA


Rep to LSC


Rep to ALA Advocacy Coordinating


Rep to Beijing Academic Library & Information System (BALIS) 


Rep to Organizing Committee of the China-U.S. Library Conference