2016-2017 Committees

CALA Committees, Task Forces, and Representatives (2016-2017)

(Appointed by President Qi Chen, 2016)


Part I Committees

*Assessment and Evaluation Committee: Jian Xiong & Yan He: Co-chair


*Awards Committee: Yongyi Song & Leping He: Co-chair


*Best Books Awards Committee: Haiwang Yuan & Xiying Mi: Co-chair


*Conference Program Committee: Le Yang: Chair

Poster Session Sub-committee


*Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Ying Zhang & Xiaojie Duan: Co-chair


*Finance Committee: Hong Miao & Min Tong: Co-chair


*International Relations Committee: Shuyong Jiang & Guoqing Li: Co-chair


*Membership Committee: Le Yang & Ying Zhang: Co-chair


*Nomination Committee: Lian Ruan & Le Yang: Co-Chair


*Public Relations / Fund Raising Committee: Alison Wang & Hong Yao: Co-chair


*Publications Committee: Fu Zhuo & Grace Liu: Co-chair



Occasional Paper: Michael Huang and Suzhen Chen: Co-chair


CALA Newsletter: Sai Deng & Xiaojie Duan: Co-chair


Social Media: Sai Deng: Chair

*Scholarship Committee: Ping Fu & Daniel Xiao: Co-chair


*Web Committee: Weiling Liu (Webmaster) & Yanhong Wang: Co-chair


Annual Conference Local Arrangement Committee: Qi Chen and Mingyan Li: Co-Chair

Entertainment Sub-committee: Lian Ruan and Weiling Liu: Co-Chair


Conference Travel Committee: Leping He & Jiaxun Wu: Co-Chair


Election Committee: Lian Ruan: Chair

Email Ballot Subcommittee:

Print Ballot Subcommittee:

Membership Subcommittee:

Systems Subcommittee:


Handbook of Officers Committee: Minxi M & Jennifer Zhao: Co-Chair

Jing Liao Awards for the Best Research Committee: Lili Li & Jing Liu: Co-chair


Mentorship Program Committee: Fu Ping & Li Sun: Co-chair


Outstanding Library Leadership in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung Committee: Peng Wei & Yingqi Tang: Co-chair


Sheila Suen Lai Research Grant Award Committee: Vincci Kwong: Chair

Caring and loving Committee: Ning Zou

Open Access Academic Journal (OAAJ) Committee: Guoying Liu Chair


Part II Task Force

HERSTORY (The Legal History of Chinese American Women): Yan He & Xi Chen: Co-chair

Leadership and Professional Development: Jane Wu & Hong Wu (co-chair)


Part III Representatives

ALA New Membership Round Table Council (2016-2017): Fu Zhuo zhuof@umke.edu

ALA Advocacy Coordinating (2016-2018): Yiping Wang

Rep to JCLC (2016-2019):

Rep to ODLOS (2016-2018): Lian Ruan lruan@illinois.edu

Rep to IFLA:

Rep to LSC: Michael Huang (2016 -2019) michael.b.huang@stonybrook.edu