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Dai Dai Xiang Chuan (代代相傳/袋袋相傳): Bridging Generations, a Bag at a Time

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Implementation Guidelines and Eligibility for Participating Libraries

The CALA Family Literacy Focus Task Force (will be abbreviated as FLFTF below) reviews and selects three participating libraries; preferably representing the western, the eastern, and the middle parts of the United States.  The participating libraries should agree and adhere to the following implementation guidelines.  The implementation period is between January 1st and May 31st of 2014.

Guidelines  (2013-14)

  • The participating libraries will work closely with the FLFTF on the bag content

(Bag content may consist of materials that are bi-lingual Chinese/English, with history and cultural significant to Chinese Culture, and/or multi-media format)

  • The participating libraries will solicit and recruit participating families from the local community.
  • The participating libraries may work with its library or community to raise additional funds to ensure the success of the implementation.
  • The participating libraries will determine how and loaning period to circulate the bags, either in accordance with their local loan periods or design unique loan periods for the project only.
  • The participating libraries are responsible to designate a contact person for the project, who will contact participating user families on a regular basis in order to check on their progress.
  • The participating libraries will assist the participating user families to update the project website (including uploading photos, update blogs) by library staff and the FLFTF will be providing technical support and content advice.
  • The participating libraries will submit a progress report to FLFTF when project is at its half-way point by March 31, 2014.
  • The participating libraries will hold a “Family Literacy Focus Day” to showcase the success of the project to the local community after its completion.
  • Having completed the project, the participating libraries will complete the FLF project evaluation form and provide the FLFTF with a written summary report.

Eligibility  (2013-14)

  • Libraries must be willing to work with its community to promote Chinese heritage and culture through multi-generational families. (Families with several generation is preferred but not required)
  • Families with adopted children from China, South East Asian is preferred.
  • Librarian who applies for the project should be CALA member, but not required.  However, the project should take place in the library where the librarian works.
  • High Schools that teach Chinese Language in their curriculum may also apply for the project.  
  • The budget of this project is limited to the amount of award from CALA, in this case it is $500, unless participating library is able to raise additional funding.  
  • FLFTF will notify participating libraries due dates for the progress report and the summary report.
  • The project must be completed by May 31, 2014.