2020-2025 Strategic Plan Task Force

Welcome to CALA 2020-2025 Strategic Planning Resources Page

2015-2020 Strategic Plan (https://www.cala-web.org/docs/strategicplan2020)

The CALA 2020 Strategic Plan (2015-2020) focused on the following six themes:
1.  Membership Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement
2. Leadership Training and Development
3. Local Chapter Development
4. Professional Development Opportunities through Training and Mentoring
5. Professional Networking through Cutting-edge Technologies
6. CALA’s Impact on Local, State, National, and International Levels

Questions for Town Hall Online Meetings

  • What is your feedback on CALA's  vision, mission and value statements?
  • CALA has six strategic priorities. What do you think CALA has accomplished the most and the least so far? 
  • What has CALA done for you professionally?
  • What has CALA done for you personally?
  • Compared with other library associations (ALA, IFLA, CEAL, ALCTS, APALA, etc.), what do you think CALA can adopt? 
  • What improvement can CALA do to meet your expectations?
  • What is your long term career goal, and how can CALA help you?
  • What do you want CALA to be in the next five years?

Can't join the online town hall meetings? You can send us your feedback via this survey form

Town Hall Meeting Schedule (all on Central Time)

● 2/20, 02:00-03:00 PM - Minutes

● 3/18, 11:00-12:00 PM - Minutes

● 3/31, 02:00-03:00 PM - Minutes

● 4/17, 11:00-12:00 PM - Minutes

● 4/30, 02:00-03:00 PM - Minutes

2020-2025 Strategic Plan Task Force