CALA YouTube Video Ideas


Chapter Activities

Our chapter had a great gathering and conference program. We’d like to share video clips on the talks, speakers and activities.



Committee, Working Groups, etc.

Our committee or working group had fun working together. I’d like to show our ideas, projects or feature the group members.



Books, Materials, Other Resources

I have a great book or an excellent resource I would like to recommend to the Chinese American Librarians community.



Reference Interviews, Chat, Instruction, etc.

I am a non-heritage speaker, but I have a group of students who would better understand searching a library’s website if I had a video that explained the process in Chinese.



Training, Workshops, Webinars, etc.

I am having a hard time understand how to work in ALMA invoices and would get a better grasp at the terminology if there was a Chinese counterpart to aid in my understanding.



Programming (Academic/Public/School), Community Outreach & Engagement

My library is hosting a bilingual literacy program, which includes a Chinese heritage speaker. I want to show it to other librarians to give them ideas for their libraries.



Member & University Spotlights

CALA Member Spotlight: (Enter name): Member Librarian, shares a video of themselves, a little bit of what they do in their library and any hobbies at home.


Other ideas and video sites:


CALA YouTube Channel

ALA YouTube Channel

IFLA YouTube Channel

Texas Tech University Libraries – YouTube Channel

UCLA Library – YouTube Channel

UCF Libraries – YouTube Channel

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