Application Guidelines for C. C. Seetoo Conference Travel Scholarship (2000 - 2006)


    1. Students who are currently enrolled in ALA-accredited master's or doctoral programs of Library and Information Science in degree-granting institutions in North America.
    2. Applicants must be of Chinese nationality or of Chinese descent.


    1. The following should be submitted to the CALA Scholarship Committee:
      1. Completed application form, including CV, personal statement, and official transcript from the current or most recent degree program.
      2. Three letters of reference on forms provided by the Committee.
        Please fill in the reference's name on the line (TO:) and your name on the line (SUBJECT: Request for reference for___). It is advisable to provide your references with addressed and stamped envelopes so that they can send the reference forms back to the address indicated above. References should be persons who are well acquainted with your educational background, intellectual and professional abilities, and personal character. Include, if possible, at least one person from an institution other than the one where you are currently located. Please exclude your own family members.
    2. Application materials will not be returned to applicants.


    The award recipient will work one day for CALA at the ALA annual conference in order to gain mentoring experience from CALA members; the recipient is encouraged to attend CALA programs. He/she must use the scholarship for travel expenses to and from the Annual Conference of the American Library Association and the annual program of CALA. In case the terms of the scholarship are violated, the Scholarship will be rescinded and the recipient is required to return the funds in full amount to CALA.


    Successful applicant will be notified by the Scholarship Committee prior to the ALA Annual Conference; others will be notified of the results by the Committee.


  5. FUND
    Mr. C.C. Seetoo contributes one cash award of $500.