Guidelines for Advertisements on CALA Website

Guidelines for Advertisements on CALA’s Website

Revised by Web Committee (2013-14), 10/18/2013

Approved by the CALA Board on 1/12/2014

General Information

The following guidelines are intended to provide guidance for web advertisements to be placed on the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) website. These guidelines are established with the understanding that CALA is a non-profit organization and therefore, any online advertisements shall be relevant to library, information science, and Chinese American cultures and education, and all the pricing listed hereby is at its minimal rate. The audience of the CALA website includes Chinese American Librarians, Chinese communities, and other World Wide Web viewers.

The Web Committee will solicit comments from CALA members and non-CALA members with expertise in Web advertisement policies as needed, and seek the Board of Directors for approval.


  1. The goal of the advertisement page is to benefit CALA members.  An ad can be accepted or rejected according to CALA's mission/vision, on case by case basis. The acceptance of advertising on the CALA website is neither a guarantee nor an endorsement by CALA.
  2. CALA will have advertising space available on its website when the inclusion of the advertisement does not interfere with the mission or objectives of CALA or its publications.
  3. CALA reserves the right to modify the design of an advertisement at its discretion.
  4. CALA accepts both classified and display advertisements static images format. Images submitted must be in JPG format with a resolution of 72 pixels.
  5. CALA reserves the right to remove embedded links included in the advertisements that link to other websites, provided that the content of the other websites have been revealed as violating CALA’s policies.
  6. CALA requires any advertisers to provide full payment for desired plan before any advertisements will be displayed on the website. Payment (payable to Chinese American Librarians Association) must accompany all advertisements and in electronic format. Payment may be made online via PayPal (see PayPal site for how to pay by credit card, etc.) or by check/money order in US currency.
  7. Advertisements remain online in default order defined by the system for up to two months, after which the advertisement will be removed. Reinstatement will incur another setup charge.
  8. Advertisements should be submitted electronically to the Web Committee via Advertisement Request Form.
  9. Advertisements are processed in the order as they are received and within a week after payments are received.
  10. The maximum liability of CALA in event of an error is limited to the cost of the given advertisement.

Pricing (recommended rate)

CALA reserves the right to revise any posted rates and policies. CALA website shall provide the most update information on web advertisement policies and rates.

Each category is independent. A rule of thumb is one dollar per word/pixel to start with. Given the nature of the web presence to a wider audience, depending on what plan you prefer, the total cost for advertising will differ from advertisement to advertisement.

Advertisement Type

Unit Price



Classified Advertisements (including Jobs, announcements, surveys, etc. no embedded tables, no frames and no 3rd party’s HTMLs)


2 months

One ad of 100 words for 4 months:

 $100 + (2 x $50) + $40 =$240.00

Text Links (Clickable text that points to a URL) Limit to 50 words

$50 / ad

2 months


Basic banners, images, icons, logos (standard/static, no animation/no interaction, gifs/jpegs) ready for posting

$250/image (150x100 pixels)


$400/image (250x150 pixels)


$550/image (300x200 pixels)

2 months


Librarian Job posting 1

$100 /ad

1 month



Additional Fee




Processing Fee (new post) 

$40 / ad



Additional time or renewal (optional)

$50 / ad

1 month


Advanced processing (optional)2

$50 / ad




  1. This rate is for requests coming directly from a library or its parent institution only.
  2. If an ad needs to be posted before payment is received, there will be an extra $50 per post for advanced processing.