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2024 CALA Best Book Award: Call for Nominations 美国华人图书馆员协会2024最佳图书奖提名征集

Published on: January 16, 2024
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Books must be published between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 所提名的图书必须在 2023 年 1 月 1 日至 2023 年 12 月 31 日期间出版

Nomination deadline: March 15, 2024 提名截止日期:2024年3月15日

Postmark deadline for nominated books: April 1, 2024 提名图书邮戳截止日期:2024年4月1日

点此提交 Nomination Form

The annual CALA Best Book Award recognizes outstanding books, published in English or Chinese, which exhibit excellence in addressing China, Chinese, people of Chinese origin or Chinese cultural heritage and written by Chinese authors or authors of Chinese descent. The Award is to raise awareness of these topics and authors in North America. 一年一度的CALA最佳图书奖旨在表彰以英文或中文出版的优秀书籍,这些书籍在有关中国、中国人、华裔和中华文化传承等主题和/或由华裔作家或华裔血统作家创作的书籍方面有出色表现。该奖项旨在提高北美对这些主题和作者的认识。

The Committee will select nominated books in the following categories: 委员会将评选出以下类别的提名书籍:

  • Adult books, fiction 成人读物、小说类
  • Adult books, non-fiction 成人读物,非小说类
  • Young adult books, fiction 青少年、小说类
  • Young adult books, non-fiction 青少年读物,非小说类
  • Children’s books, fiction 儿童读物,小说类
  • Children’s books, non-fiction 儿童读物,非小说类

The winner(s) will be announced before the advance registration deadline for the 2024 ALA/CALA Annual conference. Each award author(s) will receive an award certificate at CALA Annual Award Banquet in June during the 2024 ALA/CALA Annual conference. 获奖者将在2024年ALA/CALA 年会的提前注册截止日期之前公布。每位获奖者将在6月的2024年ALA/CALA 年会期间的CALA年度颁奖晚宴上获得获奖证书。

If there are not any books meeting the criteria, award(s) will not be given. 如果没有任何符合标准的书籍,则不会颁发奖项。

Eligibility 资质

Eligible Works 符合条件的作品

  • Related to Chinese cultural heritage or topics about China, Chinese, people of Chinese origin or Chinese cultural heritage, and written by Chinese authors or authors of Chinese descent. 与中国文化遗产或有关中国、中国人和华裔的主题有关,和由华人或华裔作家创作。
  • Published between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 by a publishing house, trade or small press/publisher located in North America or one of its territories for general commercial release in the United States and North America regions. Self-published works and exclusively internet publications may also be considered by the committee. 在 2023 年 1 月 1 日至 2023 年 12 月 31日期间由位于北美国家及所属地区的出版社出版,并在美国及北美发行的商用版本。自行出版的作品和专门出版的互联网出版物也可以由委员会审议。
  • Written in Chinese, English or bilingual. This requirement does not limit the use of words or phrases in non-Chinese and non-English languages where appropriate in context. Translations of original works may be considered. 用中文、英文或中英双语创作。不限制在上下文中酌情使用非中文和非英语语言的单词或短语。可以考虑原创作品的翻译。
  • Works that have previously won other prizes or recognitions are eligible. 之前获得过其他奖项或认可的作品符合此提名申请条件。

Ineligible Works 不符合条件的作品

  • Anthologies by more than one author. 包含不止一位作者作品的选集。
  • Reprints of books originally published prior to the current award year. 本颁奖年度之前最初出版的图书的重印本。
  • In the event of a dispute over eligibility, the Award Committee will decide whether a book is eligible, and its decision will be binding. 如果对资格产生争议,委员会将决定提交的书是否符合条件,其决定将具有最终裁决权。

Evaluation Criteria 评选标准

  • Overall Strengths: Value and influence: Implications or potential force of a work. True to cultural norms and sensitive to stereotypical depiction. 综合优势:价值和影响力:作品的影响或潜在力量。遵从文化规范,不拘泥于刻板印象。
  • Adult books, Fiction: Flow of the narrative compelling and appealing 成人读物,小说:叙事流利且吸引人
  • Adult books, Non-fiction: Information accurate, authentic and riveting 成人读物,非虚构类:信息准确真实,引人入胜
  • Young Adult books, Fiction: Story unique, plot & characters well developed with reasonable growth 青少年书籍,小说:故事独特,情节和人物发展合理
  • Young Adult books, Non-fiction: Information accurate & stimulating, language & tone accessible, engaging & age appropriate 青少年书籍,非小说类:信息准确且激励人心,用词和语气通俗易懂,内容引人入胜且适合目标读者群
  • Children’s books, Fiction: Presentation convincing, appealing, demonstrating creativity & imagination 儿童读物,小说:令人信服、吸引人,表现出丰富的创造力和想象力
  • Children’s books, Non-fiction: Information accurate & stimulating, language & tone accessible, engaging & age appropriate 儿童读物,非小说类:信息准确且吸引人,用词和语气通俗易懂,内容引人入胜且适合目标读者群
  • Other feedback as reference: the feedback from different channels, such as print trade publications, online bookstores, online book reviews, etc. 评选时会借鉴相关评论:来自不同渠道的评论,如印刷行业出版物、网上书店、网上书评等。

The Award Committee will combine these criteria and select the winner(s). 委员会将结合这些标准并选出获奖者。

Submission Process 提交流程

  • Entries may be submitted by an author, publisher, agent, publicist or any individual. 参赛作品可由作者、出版商、代理人、公关人员或任何个人提交。
  • Nominations must be submitted through the Best Book Award Nomination Form by March 15, 2024. 提名必须在2024年3月15日之前通过最佳图书奖提名表提交。
  • An author, publisher, publicist, agent or individual may submit more than one entry per author, but not more than one entry per book. 每位作者、出版商、公关人员、代理人或个人可以为每位作者提交多个条目,但每本书不得超过一个条目。
  • Please mail books of entry to the Best Book Award Committee, with five (5) copies, one copy each to committee members. All nominated books must be postmarked by April 1, 2024. Please send books as early as possible. The Award Committee is not obligated to consider books with a postmark after April 1, 2024. Book packages must be clearly marked with “CALA Best Book Award.” 请将参赛作品邮寄给最佳图书奖委员会,共五(5)本,每位委员会成员一本。所有提名图书必须在 2024 年 4月 1 日之前加盖邮戳寄出。请尽早寄出书籍。委员会将不会考虑邮戳在2024年4月1日之后的书籍。书籍包裹必须清楚地标有”CALA最佳图书奖”。
  • Electronic books are also acceptable.电子书也可以接受。
  • Upon receiving an entry, the Award Committee will notify the submitter via email. The Award Committee is not responsible for lost submissions. 收到参赛作品后,委员会将通过电子邮件通知提交者。委员会不对遗失的参赛作品负责。
  • Mailing addresses and email addresses will be shared with nominators when the nomination form is submitted. 委员会将在收到提名表时把参评书籍邮寄地址及电子邮件地址提供给提名人。

If you have any questions, please email 如有疑问,请发送电子邮件到bestbook@cala-web.org咨询。

Please visit CALA Annual Best Book Award to learn more about the award. 请浏览美国华人图书馆员协会最佳图书奖网页以了解该奖项详情。

Thank you for your support! 感谢您的参与!


CALA Best Book Award Committee 美国华人图书馆员协会最佳图书奖委员会

Wei Zhang, co-chair 

Yueyue Li, co-chair 

Crystal Chen, member 

Elaine Tai, member 

Mary Wu, member