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CALA JCLC 2022/23 Awards Recipients - Congratulations !

Published on: February 15, 2023

Dear CALA members,

In every JCLC conference, there are special awards given to members of the association. Here are the award categories for this upcoming JCLC 2023: 

JCLC 2022 RISING LEADER - To recognize a promising future leader who has less than ten years of experience in the profession.

JCLC 2022 ADVOCACY AWARD - To recognize demonstrated commitment in support of library and information services to the profession and/or community of users.

JCLC 2022 LEGACY  AWARD- To honor an experienced or seasoned professional who has been a dedicated professional and served 20+ years in the profession.

For this year, please join me in congratulating the following CALA members for receiving the JCLC 2022 Conference Awards based on their incredible work in CALA and/or JCLC. 

Rising Leader Award: Jennifer Woo from San Francisco Public Library is an emerging leader in CALA and in the field at large. Jen has served on numerous committees, particularly chairing the CALA Annual Book Awards Subcommittee as well serving in other committees such as social media, CALA/YALSA Task Force, and Scholarship Subcommittees. We recognize Jen’s dedication in supporting and improving CALA’s work. Jen has made a lot of updates in guidelines for book awards, and has been instrumental in raising CALA’s book awards through social media. CALA would like to recognize Jen’s leadership with the JCLC 2022 Rising Leader Award.

Advocacy Award: Wenli Gao from University of Houston Libraries, has been a tremendous leader in CALA. Having served as President and now as Immediate Past President, chairing the JCLC Fundraising Committee and being a member of the JCLC Steering Committee, Wenli has gone above and beyond in supporting JCLC and CALA collectively and respectively. Wenli has also served as co-Project Director for an IMLS project supported by CALA and APALA, called “Path to Leadership: National Forum on Advancing Asian/Pacific Islander American Librarianship.” CALA would like to recognize Wenli for her inspiring work and dedication with the JCLC 2022 Advocacy Award. 

Legacy Award: Fu Zhuo from University of Missouri Kansas City has been an important leader in CALA. As President of CALA during the beginning of COVID-19, Fu ensured that CALA developed and communicated support for CALA members in China, particularly in Wuhan. In addition, Fu supported CALA joint statements with APALA in condemning the rise of anti-Asian violence across the United States. Fu has been a mentor and leader in CALA and in the profession for many years. He is also the JCLC co-chair of the Pre-Conferences, Keynotes and Author Events Committee, and a member of the JCLC Steering Committee. CALA would like to recognize Fu for his incredible work and dedication with the JCLC 2022 Legacy Award. 


These recipients were recognized at the JCLC Conference in February 2023 (last week). The names were recommended from EC and with approval from the Board of Directors.

Congratulations to Jen, Wenli, and Fu!


In addition, we’d like to congratulate the following CALA members who were recipients of travel grants to attending JCLC:

Angel Tang

EBSCO Information Services



Feng-Ru Sheu

Latanya N. Jenkins Memorial



Cindy Li

Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. ALA

Presidential Initiative



Yi Wan

Ann K. Symons Scholarship


Ruth Xing

JCLC, Inc. Board of Directors



Xiaoqian (Zoey) Zhang

Patricia “Patty” Wong

ALA Presidential Initiative



CALA JCLC 2022/2023 Travel Grant Recipients:

Fu Zhuo

Sai Deng

Hong Yao

Min Tong


Thanks to all donors and sponsors for JCLC and to CALA members who volunteered for JCLC 2022 in various roles and contributed a lot of time, service, labor, and funding support!


Ray Pun

CALA President 2022-2023