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Call for Applications to CALA Midwest Chapter Professional Development Grant

Published on: November 16, 2022

The Chinese American Librarian Association (CALA) Midwest Chapter Professional Development Grant is an annual award that aims to encourage and support current and future library professionals’ career development and goals. Up to three awards ($150 each) will be granted, contingent upon the committee receiving sufficient, well-qualified applications.

Awards are determined based on the degree to which the applicant meets the following four criteria. Please send 1. Describe the activities, innovative production, or performance that advocate your application (no more than 150 words) and 2. The reasons why you are applying for the grant or demonstrated the need for this grant (no more than 150 words). CV is optional.

  • Academic Publication (Valid for 3 years)
  • Service to Profession Community
  • Contribution to CALA and/or to CALA-MW
  • Innovative Productions

Applicant requirement

  1. The applicant has to be an active individual member for at least six months of membership at the CALA Midwest Chapter (none CALA Midwest Chapter members would not be considered).
  2. The applicant has to have an active CALA MW membership status when the grant is awarded.
  3. All applicants will be categorized into three groups:
  • Early Career (Those who have been serving in the library and information services industry for no more than 5 years)
  • Current MLIS Student
  • Others

Application due on December 31, 2022

The grant award will be announced in February 2023.

How to submit applications
Please send your application to Feng-Ru Sheu, Chair of the MW Professional Development Committee, 

Best regards,

Meng Qu (President)
Anlin Yang (Immediate Past President)
Feng-Ru Sheu (Chair of the Professional Development Committee)
Shuyi Liu (Vice President/President-Elect)