1998 CALA President's Recognition Award Recipient

Mr. Peter Wang was a Monograph and Serials Cataloger at the John Crerar Library, Chicago, 1965-1970. He is a General Cataloger and Rare Book Cataloger and Bibliographer at the Morton Arboretum, Sterling Morton Library, Lisle, Illinois, 1971 to present.

Mr. Wang received his LL.B degree from the Law School of Soochow University in Taipei, Taiwan in 1958 and his MSLS from the Library School at the University of Winsconsin in 1965.

As one of the founding members of CALA, Mr. Wang has served as an exemplary member; advocating CALA's cause and dedicating his time and energy to CALA as an elected officer and as an active member. Over the last two decades, Mr. Wang has served several terms as CALA Treasurer, and has also served on various committees as chair or committee member at the national, regional and local levels. In recent years Mr. Wang has been heavily involved with working to change CALA's non-profit organization donation/contribution status from non-tax deductible to tax deductible. With the new status, contributors to CALA will be eligible for a tax deduction when filing their annual income tax return. He put in countless hours getting the relevant IRS forms, filling them with the appropriate information and consulting with CALA presidents and officers. He was successful in changing CALA to the desired status in 1997. CALA will benefit from the new status, 501 (c) (3), for many years to come. Because of his efforts, CALA will also attract many more donors as donors are more willing to contribute to an organization that allows them to claim a tax deduction.

At the regional level, Mr. Wang has improved the Midwest Chapters services to its members in many ways. He is willing and ready to be called upon whenever his talents and services are needed.

We recognize Mr. Wang's dedication and devotion to CALA as several terms of treasurer and his contribution to change CALA's status to a non-profit organization. We hope Mr. Wang's achievement will inspire more CALA members to emulate his devotion and dedication to CALA.