Ms. Sally C. Tseng

I am pleased to announce that Sally C. Tseng is the recipient of 2002 CALA President's Award. During my years of serving as a CALA Board member, CALA President-Elect, and CALA President, I can attest to Sally's strong drive, total dedication and devotion to CALA. In her almost thirty years of providing superior services for CALA and its members, she played important roles as CALA Officers and Committee Chairs including serving as CALA President (1984-1985) and Executive Director for two consecutive terms (1999-2004). She was the recipient of CALA Distinguished Services Award in 1984 and also served as APALA's President in 1982-1983. Sally is not only known for her extraordinary services to CALA and APALA, but also for her great many impressive contributions to ALA in general. Her accomplishments include the establishment of one of the first CALA scholarship and research grant in the 1980s. Her professional contributions to ALA, California Library Association and CALA, and her publications are simply too numerous to list here.

Please come to join us at the CALA Awards Banquet when the celebration of Sally's accomplishments and as the recipient of President Award will take place on June 16, 2002 in Atlanta. The winners of the CALA Distinguished Service Award, Scholarships and research grant will also be presented at the Banquet. Please visit our web site for details of the event:


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