Ms. Esther Lee

Esther Lee is a CALA life member. She served as Co-Chair of CALA Public Relations/Fund Raising Committee (2001-2004), Chair of the CALA Finance Committee (2003-present), and CALA Board of Director (2001-present). She has gone above and beyond the call of duties to utilize her network to raise funds for CALA. She and her committee members raised funds for CALA in the amount over $11,500.00 in 2002 and over $2,000 each year in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Esther’s accomplishments for the Association are exemplary. As a CALA Board of Director, Esther has constantly made sound advice and recommendations to the Board. She has worked diligently to promote and publicize CALA’s activities and events and spared no efforts to recruit new members for the Association. CALA’s solid financial status should be attributed, in part, to Esther’s tireless efforts, her leadership in fundraising and her devotion and support to CALA.

Esther Lee was one of the founding leaders of the CALA Northeast Chapter. She was elected Vice President/President Elect of the Northeast Chapter (1998-1999), President of Northeast Chapter (1999-2000), and Executive Board Member of the Northeast Chapter Board (2002-present). Under her leadership, vision and hard work, the CALA Northeast Chapter has grown to be one of the strongest chapters within CALA.

Esther Lee received her M.A. in musicology from the University of Washington, Seattle, M.L.S. in librarianship from the Hunter College, and B.A. in German from the City University of New York. She is the Manager of the Fine Arts and Recreation Division of the Central Library of the Queens Borough Public Library, New York. She is the Chair of the Audio Materials Selection of the Library. The Queens Borough Public Library serves a population of two million in the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. It has the highest circulation of any public library system in the country. In 2004, the Fine Arts Division alone circulated 709,552 items, including books, music CDs, audio cassettes, videos, DVDs, and VCDs. Under Esther’s supervision are eighteen full-time staff members, twenty part-time members, and a few volunteers. Her contributions to the Library and the community in New York are noteworthy.

In summary, Esther Lee is a dedicated CALA life member and a recognized leader in the library profession. She is one of the most outstanding and influential librarians. She has extended herself to make important and substantial contributions to CALA. She is also a top leader among Chinese American librarians. It is a privilege and pleasure for me to present the 2005 CALA President’s Recognition Award to Esther Lee in recognition of her professional achievements and contributions to the Chinese American Librarians Association.

Shixing Wen
CALA President (2004/2005)