Mr. Shixing Wen

Before Shixing was elected CALA president in 2004-2005, he has been the "unofficial" webmaster for more than 10 years. He realized that CALA was growing steadily and it was becoming difficult to communicate effectively among CALA board members, he established an email list, which was further expanded to CALA listserv. Now CALA Board and members at large can communicate easily through this listserv. He negotiated to have his library host CALA listserv, and takes up this leadership role in maintaining and monitoring the listserv since. A very time-consuming and demanding job he does very efficiently.

Furthermore, he developed the first CALA website in 1995, which is hosted by his own company without charges to CALA. This saves CALA hundreds of dollars. He not just assumes the webmaster job in keeping the website current, but also works with chapter webmasters in linking chapter websites.

Under his leadership, he helped implement online advertisement and online payment, which generated significant dollar amount for CALA. He also helped implement online election.

In addition, Shixing is the CALA Newsletter editor, who also serves on the Publication Committee and Web Committee. Before he became the President in 2005, he was Midwest chapter president.

Shixing established many first's for CALA and is well deserved this honor and should be recognized for his outstanding contributions to CALA and beyond.

Diana Wu
CALA President (2005/2006)