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CALA Calls for Nominations on the 2010 election

Dear CALA members:

According to the CALA Bylaws, Article VI - Section 3 and Article VII - Section 2-5, the CALA Nominating Committee sends this message to all CALA members and invites nominations for the following positions:

Vice President/President-Elect 2011/2012 (2nd VP 2010/2011) (one position)
Executive Director 2010/2013 (one position)
Treasurer 2010/2012 (one position)
Board of Directors 2010/2013 (five positions)

Nominations and self-nominations are welcome. The online nomination form can be found at the CALA web site at Additionally, nominations and self-nominations can be sent directly to Sha Li Zhang, Nominating Committee Chair, via an e-mail message at  All nominations and self-nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. EST., on Monday, November 16, 2009.  

The Nominating Committee will review all nominations and self-nominations.  The Committee will select a list of qualified candidates. The final slate of candidates will be presented to the CALA Board of Directors for an approval.  The individuals on the approved slate will stand for the CALA election in Spring 2010. 

All nominees must be personal members in good standing with a record of participation in the activities and functions at various levels of CALA.  The CALA officers and Board members are expected to attend at least one board meeting each year. Absence for two consecutive board meetings without prior written permission from the president and executive director will result in the removal from the Board. 

For questions related to nominations, please contact Sha Li Zhang, Nominating Committee Chair at

Nominating Committee:
Sha Li Zhang, Chair
Qi Chen (MW Chapter)
Grace Gu (SW Chapter)
Esther Lee (NE Chapter)
Yi Liang (NCA Chapter)
Yongyi Song (SCA Chapter)
Hanrong Wang (SE Chapter)
Jing Zhong (GMA Chapter)

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