CALA President's Recognition Award recipients

( Guideline )

2017(see Awards list)

  • Individuals: Hong Yao (Co-Chair of Public Relations Committee), Ying Liao (CALA Treasurer), Jane Wu (Co-Chair of Professional and Leadership Development Task Force), Vincci Kwong (MW Chapter President and Co-Chair of Sheila Lai Research Awards Committee), Lian Ruan (Executive Director, Immediate Past President), Leping He (Co-Chair of Awards Committee and Travel Grant Committee), Tiewei Liu (Web Committee), Fu Ping (Co-Chair of Scholarship Committee and Mentorship Committee)
  • Teams (2016-2017): Newsletter Team, Social Media Team, Leadership and Professional Development Task Force, Web Committee

2016 (see Awards list)

  • Individuals: Shu-Hua Liu, Hong Miao, Wei Peng, Raymond Pun, Hong Wu, Le Yang
  • Teams (2015-2016): Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Local Arrangement Committee for CALA Awards Banquet, Web Committee, Collaboration and Organization Development Initiative Task Force, Professional Development Task Force
2015 Marie Fung, Sharon Hu, and Esther Li
2014 Lisa Zhao (President's Honorary Award)
2014 Weiling Liu and Vincci Kwong
2013 Sai Deng, Maria Fung, and Michael Bailou Huang
2012 Dr. Clara Chu, Dr. Mengxiong Liu, and Dr. Sha Li Zhang
2011 Ms Dora Ho, Ms. Priscilla Yu, Dr. Camila Alire
2010 No award was given this year.
2009 Ms. Barbara Ford and Mr. Haipeng Li
2008 No award was given this year.
2007 Mr. Xudong Jin and Mr. Guoqing Li
2006 Ms. Doris Tseng and Mr. Shixing Wen
2005 Ms. Esther Lee
2004Dr. Zhijia Shen and Ms. Karen Wei and Ms. Liana Zhou
2003 Mr. Sheng-dien Chiu (邱勝典)
2002 Ms. Sally C. Tseng (曾程雙修)
2001 Prof. Judy Yung
2000 Dr. Tse-chung Li (李志锺)
1999 Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee (李華偉)
1998 Mr. Peter Wang (王實青)
1995 Ms. Sharon Hogan
1994 Madam Mei Ding
1991 Ms. Agnes M. Griffen