Master Calendar

Master Calendar (2015-2016)(last updated: 3/9/2016)

Master Timeliner

November 2005


  • Award/Scholarship Committee, during early June, prepares announcement flyer for scholarship/grants winner to be distributed at annual meeting
  • Finance Committee reviews treasurer's report and prepares Finance Committee report
  • Treasurer prepares semi-annual report for annual conference

At the ALA Annual Conference

  • Annual Conference - installation of new officers


  • Annual Program Chair begins planning for program in 2 years down the road
  • Chapter Treasurers prepare semi-annual report and send to National Treasurer
  • Membership Committee mails directories that were not picked up at annual conference


  • Committee Chairs send email to team members to get everyone on board, and share agenda items and tasks to be carried on for the year


  • Scholarship Committee announces scholarships available to Library Schools


  • Semi-annual committee report due November 30.
  • President continues working on budget and submit the budget proposal for approval at the mid-winter Board meeting
  • President contacts ALA presidential candidates to come to the Board meeting at the mid-winter


  • Executive Director solicits agenda items for Midwinter Meeting


  • Chapter Treasurers prepare Annual report for National Treasurer
  • Finance committee reviews treasurer report and prepares Finance committee report
  • Local Arrangement Committee begins search for restaurant for Annual Banquet
  • National Treasurer prepares report for the annual conference
  • Nomination Committee solicits names for annual election (announce via listserv)
  • Scholarship Committee follows up to library schools about scholarship applications
  • ALA Mid-winter (all committees report on progress and status)


  • Nomination Committee contacts potential candidates to run in election
  • Public Relations Committee solicits vendors for advertisements in Directory and possible donation to Annual Program


  • Award Committee will announce to the listserv by March 1st for 1) CALA Distinguished Award; 2) CALA President's Award
  • Deadline for receiving scholarship applications
  • Scholarship Committee reviews Scholarship/Grants applications with committee members (Goes through selection process)
  • Local Committee begins soliciting door prizes for Annual Program, Selects Restaurant for Annual Banquet, and requests check from Treasurer for Deposit
  • Nomination committee finalizes list of candidates for annual election and compiles biography and statement to be ready for election
  • Membership Chair reminds members of Membership renewal deadline March 31 in order to be eligible to vote at annual Election
  • President-Elect issues "call for volunteers" to serve on all standing committees and task force, etc. at the beginning of the month
  • National Treasurer collects and compiles all reports from Chapter Treasurers in preparation of tax return to be filed next month


  • Local Arrangement Committee announces Annual Banquet and Ticket Info and deadline for early bird on listserv and website.
  • Election Committee announces Annual election open (reminds member of last date to vote) on listserv
  • Membership Committee prepares Directory for printing and checks with printers for price quotes
  • President-Elect announces committee appointment, forwards to the Membership chair for inclusion in the directory
  • Scholarship Committee announces Scholarship/Grants winners
  • Treasurer prepares Tax Return for IRS


  • Announce early bird deadline and cut off date for receiving payment for Annual Banquet
  • Election Committee announces Election results and forward results to Membership Committee to include new elected officers in the directory
  • Committee Reports due on May 31
  • Membership Committee generates membership list for distribution of directory at Annual Conference
  • Scholarship Committee prepares Press Release for scholarship/grant winners and requests checks for scholarship winner from Treasurer
  • Local Arrangement Committee solicits volunteers to staff booth at annual meeting
  • Award Committee notifies Treasurer to have checks ready for grants winner(s)
  • Executive Director solicits agenda items for annual meeting (annual conference in conjunction with ALA)