2011-2012 Board Meeting III Agenda - June 23, 2012

2011/2012 CALA Board Meeting III
ALA Annual at Anaheim
June 23, 2012 (Saturday), 07:00 - 10:00 pm
Location: Anaheim Convention Center

All available reports are posted on CALA Web:http://www.cala-web.org/node/1155.
Please review, print and bring the Agenda, all the handouts including reports, appendixes, proposals, recommendations and other documents to the Meeting.
Please arrange the documents according to the order in the Agenda.


I. Welcome and Self Introduction

II. Barbara Stripling, ALA President Elect  (7:10 pm)

III. Michael Porter, ALA Exe. Board Liaison to CALA (8:00 pm)

IV. Approval of Agenda


V. Approval of Minutes

1. 2011-2012 CALA Board Special Online Meeting Minutes 2-24-2012
2. 2011-2012 CALA Board Special Online Meeting Minutes 6-7-2012


VI. President's Report: Min Chou

VII. Executive Director's Report: Haipeng Li

VIII. Treasurer's Report and Finance Committee: Songqian Lu (Treasurer) and Clement Lau (Finance Chair)

IX.  Approval of the Establishment of the Liaison position with IFLA


X.  Approval of the Continuing budget line for CALA-IFLA expense


XI. Committee Reports

A. Annual Conference Program Planning Committee (2011-2012): Esther Lee (Chair)

B. Annual Conference Program Planning Committee (2012-2013): Lisa Zhao (Chair)

C. Awards Committee: Liana Zhou, Maria Fung  (Co-Chairs)

D. Best Book Awards Committee: Min Tong, Chengzhi Wang (Co-Chairs)


1. During the book selection process, some members propose that we should include CALA members' distinguished publications (or publications that are related to CALA), even if the publishers are not located in US or Canada.

2. The eligibility requirement of "authors of Chinese descent" is difficult to determine. U.S. Census Bureau depends on self-statement of race/ethnicity from one up to multiple choices. It may not be appropriate for the committee to ask the author's racial identity or identities.

E. CALA JLIS Editorial Board, Nancy Hershoff  (Editor) (diseased)

F. CALA OPS Series, Xue-Ming Bao (Editor)          

G. Conference Travel Grant Committee: Yongyi Song, Dajin Sun (Co-Chairs)

H. Constitution& Bylaws Committee: Manuel Urrizola, Qui Chiu (Co-Chairs)


Approve the removal of the portion of the Amendments of CALA Bylaws pertaining to the Sally C. Tseng's Professional Development Grant Committee that was in violation of the agreed terms between CALA and the donor.  Replace it with the following correction (in blue):

13.  Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Committee.  The chairperson, with the help of the Committee members, shall issue calls for applications for professional development grant opportunities in the Association, select grant recipients according to prescribed guidelines and inform the president, executive director, and the Board of Directors of the Committee decisions.  In case of special circumstances, including but not limited to no award, Sally C. Tseng or her designated representative shall make the final decision on the award(s).


I.  Election Committee:  Haipeng Li (Chair)

J. Finance Committee: Clement Lau (Chair)

K. International Relations Committee: Michael Huang (Chair)

L. Membership Committee: Wei-ling Liu, Lian Ruan (Co-Chairs)


  1. Establishment of CALA the Greater China Chapter


With the increasing interest and a good number of members, we suggest the Board approving the establishment of CALA the Greater China Chapter that covers Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, to keep up the momentum of membership recruitment and retention in this important region.

            2. Include Only Active Members in Membership Directory


a. It’s not clear if CALA has permission from inactive members to list their information in the print directory.
b. As inactive members have no further contact with CALA and their information is usually out of date, it takes CALA’s resources to maintain the records and print directories in addition to the Membership Committee’s time and efforts.

  1. Multiple Formats of the Membership Directory

The Committee suggests making the Membership Directory in multiple formats, in addition to the print, making the print version also on PDF, and the print copy available upon request. In this way, the Board does not need to ask Membership to approve the bylaws change. The 2011-2012 CALA Board II Meeting discussed this recommendation and documented in the minutes as follows: “Multiple formats of membership directory, including pdf – also need an implementation plan to be proposed, and tested, and approved. The Plan needs to address issues on security, privacy, access (for members and potential vendors etc.” At this point, the implementation plan has not been discussed because we have been focusing our efforts on the National Membership Drive and ensuring the accuracy of the database for the elections.

4. Clarification of Membership Categories

The Committee suggests adding a brief definition for each category. Definition for Affiliated Membership is not clear.  The 2011-2012 CALA Board II Meeting discussed this recommendation and documented it in the minutes as follows: “Clarification of membership categories – committee needs to come up with recommendations for clarification.” Per CALA’s Handbook of Officers, the Constitution and Bylaw Committee seem to be the proper committee to provide clarification for the existing membership categories since they are part of the Bylaws document. (FYI: In the Membership Database, there is no member with “affiliated” type.) Based on members’ feedback, we would like the same committee to review and clarify the general definition on the CALA Membership.

M. Mentorship Program Committee: Hong Miao, Ying Zhong (Co-Chairs)

N. Newsletter Committee: Priscilla Yu and Sai Deng (Co-Editors)

O. Nominating Committee: Zhijia Shen (Chair)

Suggestion: The committee suggest that the Constitution and Bylaw Committee and the CALA Organization Manual Committee clarify the rules and regulations regarding one nominee running for multiple positions and update CALA bylaws if needed


P. Organizational Manual Committee:  Dora Ho (Chair)

Q.  Public Relations/Fundraising Committee: Yi Liang & Mi Jia (Co-Chairs)
R. Publications Committee: Jia Mi & Dajin Sun (Co-Chairs)

S. Sally C. Tseng's Professional Development Grant Committee: Ying Xu (Co-Chairs)

T. Scholarships Committee: Vincci Kwong, Jian Anna Xiong (Co-Chairs)


1. We would like to suggest adding the request of the submission of an electronic copy of official document showing Chinese nationality or being Chinese descent to the online application form. On the online form (http://cala-web.org/node/303), under “Attachments,”
suggest to add:

Copy of Official Document showing Chinese nationality or being Chinese descent (PDF)

2. The applicants are now asked to check which scholarship they would like to apply. We suspect this may cause unnecessary confusion. This year we had one strong candidate who chose to apply only one scholarship. Her evaluation was ranked the second place. But at that point, to be fair to all applicants we couldn’t contact and ask the applicant to confirm if she was sure not to be considered for other scholarships. So at the end, it is sorry to see that she was not able to be granted any scholarship. In order to avoid this happen again, we would like to recommend to change the application default to all applicants would be considered for all scholarships. If they have strong will to apply only one scholarship, they can make a special note on their application.

U. Web Committee: Wei-ling Liu & Vincci Kwong (Co-Chairs)

XII. Reports from Ad Hoc Committees, Taskforces, Representatives and Others

A.  Jing Liao Award for the Best Research in All Media:  Karan Wei (Chair)

B.  2011-12 CALA Presidential Initiative Task Force: Liana Zhou (Chair)

C.  Task Force on Listserv Guidelines: Bin Zhang, Kuei Chiu (Co-Chairs)


Approval of document on CALA LISTSERV Rules and Etiquette as listserv guidelines


D.  Task Force on Fundraising for Tornado Stricken Areas (June 2010-2012): Haiwang Yuan, Li Fu, (Co-Chair)


Task Force to continue to work on distribution of donation fund according to the guidelines.


E.  2012 JCLC Scholarship Taskforce: Liana Zhou (Chair)

F.  Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung Taskforce: Hangrong Wang (Chair)


Approve the Guidelines for the CALA Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung


XIII.  Reports from Chapter Presidents

A. Greater Mid-Atlantic Chapter: Ding Ye

B. Midwest Chapter: FuWaye Bender

C. Northeast Chapter: Judy Xiao

D. Northern California Chapter: Xiaoli Li

E. Southeast Chapter: Li Zhang

F. Southern California Chapter: Xiwen Zhang

G. Southwest Chapter: Guopeng Zhang