CALA 2011-2012 Board Meeting III Minutes 6-23-12

2011/2012 CALA Board Meeting III Minutes
ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA
June 23, 2012 (Saturday), 07:00 - 10:00 pm
Location: Anaheim Marriott-Marquis Northeast


Board of Directors Present:
Min Chou, Haipeng Li, Esther Lee, Mengxiong Liu, Bin Zhang, Manuel Urrizola, Joy Wang, Maria Fung, Miao Hong, Judy Xiao, Frank Xu, Li Zhang

Absence requested & approved:
Dajin Sun, Guoqing Li, Zhijia Shen, Songqian Lu, Karen Wei, Min Tong, Lisa Zhao, Liana Zhou, Shuyong Jiang, Jie Huang, Xiaoli Li, Xiwen Zhang, Wei Bender, Guopeng Zhang, Cecilia Poon

Absent:  Ding Ye

Barbara Stripling, Michael Porter, Sally Tseng, Irene Ke, Carol Gee, Yuan Li, Laura Morlock

Meeting to Order
Presiding Officer Min Chou called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.

I.  Welcome and self introductions were conducted.

II.  ALA VP/PE for 2012-2013, Barbara Stripling

ALA VP/PE for 2012-2013, Barbara Stripling came to speak to the CALA Board as a guest. Barbara briefly talked about her future role as ALA president but indicated mostly she wanted to work together with us promoting transparency, transforming communities, and libraries. She will also advocate for family literacy and work closely with caucus leadership.

III.  ALA Exe. Board Liaison, Michael Porter
As the ALA Exe. Board Liaison to CALA, Michael Porter, came to report to the CALA Board on the activities ALA Exe. Board is discussing and what’s going on with ALA in general. The following are the main points:

  1. ALA’s Association "State of State":  April membership was 57,101, down slightly - 479 members – from last year at this time.  One Division and five Round Tables had an increase in membership compared to April of 2011.  ALA is projecting a deficit for the current fiscal year. This is due to slightly lower than projected conference revenue, and start up costs associated with the new RDA project and the new Neal Schuman publishing imprint.
  2. “Reinventing” Conference: ALA plans to shorten annual conferences in the future. The ALA Conference Committee and staff have posted a document describing their plan to improve the conference experience.  It is available at     Please take the time to look at this “roadmap” to conference changes and comment.
  3. Digital Content and libraries:  ALAs new Digital Content Working Group has been focusing on the ebook and “Big 6” publisher issue as the most urgent issue at this point. These are major publishers who will not sell ebooks to libraries.
  4. School Libraries:  The association-wide Task Force on School Libraries will continue the work began last year. This has included a petition to the White House, which was ultimately signed by 28,000 ALA members and other library supporters.
  5. Office for Diversity:  Office for Diversity/Office for Literacy and Outreach Services:  Director Miguel Figueroa has taken the position of Director of Member Programs and Services at the American Theological Library Association.  ALA is moving to fill the position. 
  6. Dues Discussion: The ALA membership committee is discussing a proposal that the ALA dues would be tied to the consumer price index.  This would result in small increases, which would take the place of larger increases, the approach used up to this point. The last dues increase was six years ago.

Presiding Officer, Min Chou, was advised that twelve (12) board members were present and quorum was not established.  A motion was made to adjourn the board meeting so that the Executive Committee could conduct business on behalf of the Board on the items as permitted by CALA Constitution and Bylaws.  Motion to adjourn was seconded and approved.  The Presiding Officer Min Chou then called the Executive Committee meeting at 9:10 pm to continue the discussions following the agenda, as majority of  the Executive Committee members were present.  All board members and guests present were invited to join the discussion and to advise the Executive Committee.

IV.       Approval of Agenda

The Presiding Officer, Min Chou, called to approve the agenda. Motion was made to approve the agenda and seconded. Voting was conducted. The agenda was approved.

V.       Approval of Minutes: CALA Board Meeting II (2010-2011) Minutes 1/8/11

The Presiding Officer Min Chou called to approve the meeting minutes for the meetings:

  1. 2011-2012 CALA Board Special Online Meeting Minutes 2-24-2012
  2. 2011-2012 CALA Board Special Online Meeting Minutes 6-7-2012

Discussion was held. Presiding Officer then called to approve the minutes. Voting was held and all in favor to approve the meeting minutes.

VI.     President's Report: Min Chou

The Presiding Officer/President Min Chou reported on the highlights of activities CALA has had this year, particularly those under the presidential initiatives, including the CALA-Tongji academic library management conference, CALA joining IFLA as a new national association member, CALA’s Food Fun Fundraising for Diversity initiative has raised $1,289 for the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program, and the Emerging Leaders’ 40/40 project dedicated to celebrate CALA’s 40-year anniversary has generated 40 inspirational leadership quotes from generations of CALA leaders, to name a few.  It was apparent that many accomplishments were made during this year. Another achievement that should be mentioned is that CALA membership reached over 500 owing to the hard work of the Membership Committee, CALA officers at local and national levels, and the many dedicated members of CALA. Min Chou expressed her appreciations to CALA officers, committee chairs and members, and all those who have contributed to the successes of this year’s initiatives, activities, and programs.

VII.    Executive Director's Report: Haipeng Li

The Executive Director Haipeng Li stated this year under the outstanding leadership of President Min Chou, CALA has been advancing on the right track and made much progress in all areas. He restated that as a professional organization, our officers have to follow our established rules and procedures to bring CALA to a higher level of professionalism. He also encouraged Board members to register to attend JCLC in September, as CALA is one of the JCLC sponsors.

VIII. Treasurer’s Report
Since CALA Treasurer, Songqian Lu, has a family emergency and had to leave for China, she is not able to attend this meeting. Executive Director reported on her behalf.  First of all, he expressed appreciation to Singqian for doing a wonderful job this past year to make sure the CALA accounts were accurate and up to date, and the CALA taxes were files. Even though she was in China, she continued to work on the report and sent it to us right before the meeting. The main changes this year with CALA finances were the two donations: the Jing Liao fund and the Dr. Margaret Fung fund. Everything else remained pretty much the same as last year.

IX. Approval of the Establishment of the CALA Representative to IFLA
Since CALA has joined IFLA as an organization, CALA needs to send official representatives to IFLA as a requirement. The Board discussed this issue. Motion was made to approve the establishment of the CALA representative to IFLA, and was seconded. Vote was called and the motion passed.

X. Approval of the Continuing budget line for CALA-IFLA expense
Again since
CALA has joined IFLA as a member, a budget line needs to be established to cover the membership dues and other expenses related to IFLA. Discussion was held. Members of the Board agreed it was a good idea to sustain this effort. Motion was made and seconded. Voting was conducted and the motion passed.

XI. Committee Reports.  
H. Constitution & Bylaws Committee

The recommendation from the Committee is as follows:
Approve the removal of the portion of the Amendments of CALA Bylaws pertaining to the Sally C. Tseng's Professional Development Grant Committee that was in violation of the agreed terms between CALA and the donor. 

The Committee came up with some new wordings to replace those existing in the Amendment. Discussions were held. Some believe that the Constitution and Bylaws should not be the appropriate places for specific cases as such; instead, it would be a good idea to put this in the Officer’s Handbook as a guideline for the committee to follow. Members of the Board agreed. This will be referred to the Organizational Manual’s Committee for follow-up.

L.  Membership Committee
Establishment of CALA the Greater China Chapter
As membership from the greater China region has increase, this sounds like a good idea. May logistics will need to be worked out before any action will be taken. Also the CALA bylaws need to be closely followed. The Board agreed that further investigation needed to be conducted by the membership Committee and all options be looked at. Refer back to Membership Committee for follow up.

2. Include Only Active Members in Membership Directory
The Membership Committee made a recommendation to only include active members in the Membership Directory. Discussions were held. Some Board members felt that as long as there have been no objections from inactive members, they should continue to be included as in the previous directories. This would also be a way to get the inactive members back to renew.  The agreement was to continue the current practice of including both active and inactive members in the Directory.

3. Multiple Formats of the Membership Directory
Board discussed the multiple format issue for the Directory. Concerns were expressed over the e-format such as pdf., which can be easily forwarded to others to endanger issues of privacy, security and others. The agreement was to keep the print format available to members.

4. Clarification of Membership Categories
The Board was asking for clarification of what the committee was requesting. If the committee believes there is lack of clarification of the membership category definitions, then the Committee needs to propose suggested definitions.

O. Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee suggests that the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the CALA Organization Manual Committee clarify the rules and regulations regarding one nominee running for multiple positions and update CALA bylaws if needed.

Members of the Board felt that the role of the C&BLs is not to clarify specific cases but rather to give broad directions in dealing with cases as such. Moreover members felt that allowing one nominee running for multiple positions is not a common practice in organizations and should not be encouraged.  Since this is a motion from the Committee, voting was conducted. All voted NAY so the motion failed.

It was 10:00 pm. Presiding Officer Min Chou called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. A motion was made and seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Haipeng Li
July 6, 2011