CALA 2012-2013 Board Meeting I Minutes 6-25-12

2012/2013 CALA Board Meeting I Minutes
ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA
June 25, 2012 (Monday), 08:00 - 10:00 am
Location: Anaheim Convention Center, Rm: 211A


Board of Directors Present:
Min Chou, Haipeng Li, Esther Lee, Bin Zhang, Maria Fung, Miao Hong,  Lisa Zhao, Li Fu, Lian Ruan, Carol Gee, Mengxiong Liu.

Absence requested & approved:
Dajin Sun, Guoqing Li, Songqian Lu, Liana Zhou, Shuyong Jiang, Jie Huang, Cecilia Poon, Qi Chen, Bonnie Fong, Joy Wang, Frank Xu,

Absent:  Shu-hua Liu, Win Yuan Shih, Charlene Chou, Luo Zhou, Hui-Fen Chang, Wen-ling Liu,

Guests:  Sally Tseng, Manuel Urrizola

Meeting to Order & Officer Transition
At 8:20 pm., CALA President of 2011-2012, Immediate Past President Min Chou called the meeting to order. She declared that her term as president was over and the transition to the next CALA president Esther Lee (2012-2013) took place. Gavel was passed on from Min Chou to Esther Lee and congratulatory messages were offered.

  1. Welcome and self introductions were conducted.
  2. Board Meeting Recess & Executive Committee Meeting

Since no quorum was established, Presiding Officer Esther Lee called for a motion to adjourn the Board meeting and the start the Executive Committee meeting as all 6 Executive Committee members were present.  Other Board members were invited to the discussions of agenda items and give advice to the Executive Committee.

  1. Approval of Agenda
    Presiding Officer, Esther Lee, called to approve the agenda. Motion was made to approve the agenda and seconded. Voting was conducted. The agenda was approved.
  2. President’s Report

President Esther Lee reported on the two recent major events at ALA: the CALA Annual Program and the Awards Banquet. Both events were very successful with outstanding speakers for the annual program and the wonderful award winning ceremonies, performances, and prizes at the awards banquet (around 140 attendees). People commented that CALA had not had such wonderful banquets for a while this was one of the best and most successful banquets we had had for a long time.

  1. Executive Director’s Report

Executive Director Haipeng Li praised the outstanding performance and leadership the CALA Immediate Past President Min Chou played during the last year.  All of her presidential initiatives were very successful, ranging from international programs, diversity efforts to technological experiments.

He also reminded Board members that he would like to reiterate that as a professional organization, CALA Officers, should take the lead in following CALA Constitution and Bylaws, and rules and procedures. This is very important to move CALA forward as a professional association.

  1. Old Business

Business was picked up where it was left off on Saturday.

XI. Committee Reports;
T: Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee had two discussion items:
1. The Scholarship Committee suggests adding the request of the submission of an electronic copy of official document showing Chinese nationality or being Chinese descent to the online application form for the purpose of verification. On the online form (, under “Attachments,”
suggest adding: Copy of Official Document showing Chinese nationality or being Chinese descent (PDF)

Discussion on the suggestion was held. People felt it would be difficult to verify each applicants’ ethnicity and requesting such a document may make things more complicated. Most places base one’s ethnicity on self-identification. One suggestion was to have the applicant write an up to 500 word essay on a topic like” How do you feel about being a Chinese (American)?  Board members thought it was a good idea.

2. The scholarship applicants are now asked to check which scholarship they would like to apply. The Committee would like to recommend changing the application default to all applicants considered for all scholarships. Board members felt that we should respect whatever option the applicant chooses, one, two, or all scholarships to apply. The Board recommends No Change to the current guideline/policy.

XII. Reports from Ad Hoc Committees, and Taskforces
Task Force on Listserv Guidelines

The Listserv Guidelines document was distributed to the Board prior to the ALA. Bin Zhang, Co-Chair of the Task Force led discussions and listed the pros and cons of listserv moderation, which is the current practice of CALA for the listserv. Members felt that they may need more time to read and digest the document before it could be put up for approval by the Board, which appreciated the work from the Task Force. A suggestion was made to postpone this discussion to a later date when Board members had some time to read the document fully and understand it better.

D. Task Force on Fundraising for Tornado Stricken Areas (June 2010-2012)
Even though the Task Force had completed the fundraising, it still needs to find a way to distribute the funds to the tornado affected libraries. The Board asked the Task Force to continue to work with a library association in the disaster affected area on the distribution of the donation fund according to the guidelines. A motion was made to approve the recommendation and seconded. Voting was conducted and the motion passed unanimously.

F.  Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung Taskforce
The Task Force submitted the Guidelines for the CALA Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung for the Board’s approval. After some discussions, Board members felt that it would be much simpler and easier to simply award $1,000 with no citation or plague. An amendment was made to change “The Award consists of a citation and a plaque” to “The Award consists of $1,000.” A motion for approval was made and seconded. Voting was held and the approval was unanimous.

VII. New Business

  1. Discussion on Board Attendance
    Concerns were raised by some Board members on the low attendance rate of Board members at CALA Board meetings. Even though it is a requirement for elected Board members to attend Board meetings, some members find it hard to do so, mostly because of the budget limitations. As a result, quorum could not be established. After some discussions, members felt that we need to encourage a stronger commitment by Board members. This will be communicated to Board members by the President and the Executive Director. Other alternatives include using technology to reach Board members in addition to meetings in person.
  2. Appreciation and Welcome
    Appreciation to our Immediate Past President Min Chou, Treasurer Songqian Lu, and all outgoing Board members and committee chairs was expressed. Welcome extended to all new Board members.

Presiding Officer Esther Lee called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. A motion was made and seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:08 am.

Respectfully submitted by
Haipeng Li
July 6, 2011