Listserv Administrator


CALA Listsery is a discussion forum as well as a communication channel for the Chinese American Librarians Association.
CALA Listserv Administrator is to ensure that this discussion forum and communication channel is operated smoothly.

Composition & Term(s) of Office

Makeup: The position of Listserv Administrator is not defined in Constitution and Bylaws.
In general, there is no defined term of years for Listserv Administrator.
In case when Listsery Administrator can't perform the duties, a replacement will be nominated by the President and be approved by the Board.


• CALA Listserv was launched in June 1994 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Dr. Wilfred Fong was the first CALA Listserv administrator.
• On February 14, 2003, CALA Listserv moved to a new location: The listsery administrator during this period of time was Shixing Wen.
• On August 1, 2007, CALA Listserv moved to its own domain: The current listserv administrator is Web Committee (
• In general, there is no other member beside Listserv Administrator. However, Listsery Administrator could delegate the duties to another CALA member to cover his or her temporary absence.

Major Responsibilities

• Monitor the CALA listserv to ensure that messages posted are appropriate.
• Add new members to the listserv.
• Update members' email addresses.
• Remove subscribers per their requests.
• Respond to subscribers' other questions.
• Post job vacancy notices to the listserv.


• Check email frequently
• Approve messages related to CALA or library profession in general and reject inappropriate or unsolicited messages.
• Respond to subscribers' requests in a timely manner.
• Consult with Executive Director or relevant officer for anything not sure.

Report Due Dates

Interim: Two weeks before the board meeting at mid-winter meeting.
Annual: Two weeks before the board meeting at annual conferences