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CALA Updates, April 2009

Dear CALA members and friends:

We hope that you are enjoying the spring season when grass turns green and trees are covered with blossoms. 

With the ALA 2009 Annual Conference fast approaching, the CALA committee chairs and members are working tirelessly to complete their tasks this year.  Here are just a few examples:

2009 Election

The Election Ad Hoc Committee (Sally C. Tseng, Bing Zhang, and Vincci Kwong) is doing an excellent job to keep the CALA election on schedules.  Both electronic and mail ballots were sent out on time.  The committee is continuing monitoring the election progress and sending out weekly reminders.  It is important for all CALA members to participate in the election and vote for the officers for the association.  Please make sure that you cast your votes prior to April 30, 2009 when the election ends.

CALA membership

Membership Committee, led by Elaine Dong and Songqian Lu, co-chairs, has worked very hard to recruit and retain CALA membership this year. Their time and efforts are being paid off with excellent outcomes. While we continue maintaining a total of 1,310 registered members, the number of active members, as of April 18, 2009, is up 12 percent in comparison with that in April 2008, despite of the tough economic climate that we are facing now. We want to thank Elaine and Songqian for their outstanding efforts this year. They have been in touch with CALA members by letters, e-mail messages, telephone calls, and personal contacts for a membership renewal. We also want to thank each of you to renew your membership on time.

CALA membership figures

  April 2008 April 2009 Change by %
Current member 156 191
Life member 214 224 5
Total 370 415 12

Participation in the Think Globally, Act Globally (TGAG) Project

A group of CALA members (Susan Schnuer, Lisa Zhao, Sha Li Zhang, Mengxiong Liu, Wenwen Zhang, and Robert Fernekes) will participate in the first seminar to be held in Nanjing, China, through the Think Globally, Act Globally Project funded by IMLS Laura Bush 21st century Librarian Program. The CALA International Relations Committee, chaired by Lisa Zhao, assisted with the presenter selections.  The team members' biographic information can be found at The TGAG project aims in encouraging mutual understanding between librarians in the U.S. and China and promoting awareness of diversity to overcome cultural barriers for U.S. librarians in serving user communities, and enhancing communication between U.S. and Chinese librarians with a view to developing and disseminating resources that can be of use to the library community in the U.S. The team members spent two and a half days at the Mortenson Center for International Library Program at the University of Illinois in early April.  Facilitated by Ms. Weibel, library consultant and former  Director of Staff Development at the Chicago Public Library, the team members went through brainstorms on the role of public libraries in U.S. and the key messages the team should convey to their Chinese colleagues.   With Ms. Weibel's guidance, the team designed program, arranged all logistics and procedures related to the seminar, and most importantly, built up team spirit to support each other and support the goals of the grant funded project.   For the photos at the session, please click at

CALA events at the ALA 2009 Annual Conference

CALA will host a series of programs and events at the ALA 2009 Annual Conference to be held in Chicago in July.  If you plan to attend the ALA Annual, please mark these CALA events on your calendar and plan to attend them. The CALA events are always the opportunities of learning from each other, meeting and networking with library colleagues, and renewing friendship.  These CALA events are:

Friday 7/10/2009

6:00-8:00 pm., CALA Officer Board Orientation

8:00-10:00 pm., Think Globally, Act Globally grant project pre-trip session

Saturday 7/11/2009

3:00-5:00 pm., CALA Booth at ALA Diversity Fair

7:00-9:00 pm., CALA Board meeting III '08-'09)

Sunday 7/12/2009

1:30-3:30 pm., CALA Annual Program

4:00-5:00 pm., CALA Membership Meeting

6:00-10:00pm., CALA Board Awards Banquet

Monday 7/13/2009

8:00-10:00 am., CALA Board Meeting I (2009-2010)

Other news

Judith Fingeret Krug passed away on April 11, 2009 at Evanston Hospital.  Advisor, author and public servant, she was a remarkable leader in the struggle to educate the public concerning the right to the free expression of ideas.  For more memorial articles, please click at

Stay tuned ...

Sha Li Zhang, CALA President
Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director

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