Public Relations/Fundraising Committee

Member Roster:

Chair:  Sally C. Tseng

      Co-Chair:  Jia Mi

      Qi Chen

      Maria Fung

      Yi Liang

      ShaLi Zhang          


      Date:  June 26, 2013


Is this an interim or annual report?    Annual report


We learn exciting news and big funds coming to CALA from JCLC 2012.  We want to congratulate and attribute to the success of the JCLC 2012 that Haipeng Li, our Executive Director and Co-Chair of the JCLC 2012 Steering Committee for bring in large funds to CALA in 2013.  Congratulations to Haipeng, together with Dora Ho, Esther Lee, Maria Fung, Shali Zhang, Liana Zhou and some CALA members on the achievements and contributions to JCLC and to CALA.  Haipeng and Janice Rice will once again present a big check of $5,756.00 at our Board meeting on Saturday, June 29, 2013. This money,  together with the $6,000.00 presented to CALA by JCLC at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Seattle will be used for scholarships and professional development for our members in the future JCLC, as dictated in the JCLC MOU.  The total amount of $11,756 to CALA definitely will support many leaders of tomorrow in their professional development!  Thank you, Haipeng, Dora and CALA members for your outstanding contributions to and great efforts for JCLC. 


List significant activities the committee has done since last report:


I.    The year 2013 has a special meaning for CALA.  We are celebrating CALA’s 40th  Anniversary.  We are pleased to report that as of today, we have raised a total in the amount of $16,504.95.  It is for the 2012/2013 CALA Presidential Initiatives and advertisements for the 2012/2013 Membership Directory.  Our noble goal is to raise funds to cover most of this year's expenditures and not to spend CALA's general fund.  .  


We want to take this opportunity to thank our donors and sponsors.  Please see the lists of donors/sponsors and advertisers at the end of this report.  Our heartfelt thanks to them for their generous donations and support in celebrating CALA’s 40th Anniversary with us which mean so much to CALA members.  Special thanks also go to the following leaders who devote their time and efforts for CALA in helping us achieving our goals for the 2012/2013 Esther Lee’s CALA Presidential Initiatives. 


They are: Esther Lee, Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, Haipen Li, Maria Fung, Sally Tseng, Kuei Chiu, Min Chou, and Dr. Shali Zhang, for their able assistance on fundraising, solicitations of advertisers, and publicities.  We want to attribute our fundraising success to their dedication and strong support to CALA!  Thank you very much!


II    Congratulations to the Program Committee that has raised funds in the amount of $5,000.00 for the Annual Program.  Besides CALA Board has allocated $1,500.00 and approved another $900.00 for Posters Project, in addition, our fundraising will contribute additional $537.75 to the Annual Program. 


      The total amount for the 2013 Annual Program is $7,937.75.  This is the highest funds for any Annual Program in CALA’s history.  It is for the Celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary.  In the past, the Annual Program normally spends approximately $1,500.00.  Therefore, fundraising is very important for events of  Celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary. 


III.  The Chair is honored to receive a pledge from Dr. Tse-chung Li, a great CALA leader, who has pledged to donate more than $10,000 to establish a Grant under his name.  We are very excited about this pledge.


IV. The allocations and distributions of the funds we raised are based on the 2012/2013 CALA Budget and Esther Lee's Presidential Initiatives as follows:


A. To assist the Membership Committee in soliciting advertisements

      for the 2012/2013 CALA Membership Directory.                       $2,539.95


B.  Global outreach and promotion of CALA’s visibility 

      For IFLA U.S. Caucuses’ reception at the IFLA Congress         $  800.00


C.   For support of CALA Travel Grants:

            1.  Ming Tong                                                                         $   500.00

            2.  Joy Wang                                                                           $   500.00


D.  For support of CALA Emerging Leaders

            1.  Mei Zhang                                                                          $ 1,000.00

            2.  Wei Cen                                                                             $ 1,000.00


E.   For support of CALA member Vincci Kwong for the

      ALA Leadership Institute:                                                           $   500.00


F.  To support CALA’s events, and activities which includes the Celebration of CALA's 40th anniversary at the Annual Program, Awards Banquet, souvenirs for Celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary, gifts for drawings, etc., during ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2013.  Distribution of the fund raise:


1.  for CALA Annual Program which includes:

a. Fund raised from Emerald (half of $1,000.00):      $   500.00

d.  Busca donation (half of $75.00)                            $     37.50


                                                                                    Total:  $   537.50


2.  for inviting VIPs and subsidize banquet attendees to the Celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary and Awards Banquet:

a.  The costs for the 44 VIPs ($38 ea.) for the Banquet are:        $1,672.00  est.

b.  Subsidies for each paid Banquet attendees are $8x100:         $   800.00  est.


                                                                                          Total:  $2,472.00  est.


3.  CALA Banner + 40th Anniversary Banner $   150.00 est. +$60 = $    210.00 est.


4.  Printings + Postages (CALA Spotlight on Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee

     Books (10 copies)                                                                          $    400.00 est.


5.  CALA Poster for ALA Diversity Fair $150.00+candies              $    200.00  est.


7.  Lion Dance                        $    350.00+$150 (Tips to Lion Dancers)        $    500.00


8. Souvenirs and gifts for drawings at the Celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary and Awards Banquet:

     a.   Souvenirs:  200 CALA Bags, little purses, & notebooks:        $ 1,500.00  est.

     b.  Gifts for drawings:

            i.  1 Nook and 1 Kindle Fire                                                   $    326.60

            ii.  silk scarves and brocade cushion covers:                           $    382.83


                                                                                                Total:  $ 2,209.43


9.  Transportation (Bus or Taxi to take attendees back to hotels        $   200.00 est.


10. CALA Birthday Cake and other misc.                                         $   300.00 est.


G. Donors’ designated donations to:

            1.  Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant            $ 2,300.00

            2.  CALA Scholarship                                                                        $      40.00


                                                                                                Total:  $ 2,340.00


H.  Taxi expenses for Eli Minor for Friday Board Orientation          $   100.00 est.


Grand Total, IV, A-H = $16,308.88


Fund raised:  $16,504.95 - $16,308.88 =  $196.07


Our balance is:  $96.07.  Because some of the expenditures are estimated.  We may need to keep $96.07 to fill the gaps.  If there is money left, then, we’ll keep the balance in the CALA General Fund.


List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:


We have successful funds raising this year and we have impressive VIP guests’ ever in the CALA's history for the Celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary. 


Because we have raised funds for the 2012/2013 Esther Lee's Presidential Initiatives so that we can afford inviting more VIPs to the celebration and Awards Banquet, and cover many expenditures which nomally come out of the CALA General Fund, such as for CALA members as Emerging Leaders, Travel Grants, and ALA Leadership Institute.


We consider this is an exception year for the Celebration.  Future presidents and officers cannot take the expenditures of this year as an example unless he/she can raise funds to cover the expenditures for any CALA’s events.    

Respectfully submitted by


Sally C. Tseng, Chair, on behalf of the

CALA Public Relations/Fund Raising Committee



Appendix:  Fundraising Records of the 2012/13 Public Relations/Fundraising Committee:


On behalf of CALA membership, we would like to thank the following generous sponsors, donors and advertisers for their strong support to CALA for Esther Lee’s 2012/2013 Presidential Initiatives and the Celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary during ALA in Chicago.


OCLC                                                 $3,000.00

Innovative Interface                           $2,000.00

Esther Lee                                           $2,000.00  (Donation to Sally C. Tseng’s                                                                                           Professional Development Grant) *

EBSCO                                               $1,000.00

Emerald                                               $1,000.00 (half to the Annual Program)

Sally C. Tseng                                     $1,000.00

Credo Reference                                 $   500.00

Dr. Carla Funk                                    $   500.00

Oriental Culture Enterprises               $   350.00 (Sponsorship of the lion dance at

                                                                                    the 2013 Awards Banquet) *

Maria Fung                                          $   100.00 (Donation to Sally C. Tseng’s                                                                                                        Professional Development Grant) * 

Songqian Lu                                        $   100.00 (Donation to Sally C. Tseng’s                                                                                                        Professional Development Grant) * 

Cathy Yang                                         $   100.00 (Donation to Sally C. Tseng’s                                                                                                        Professional Development Grant) * 

Irene Yeh                                            $   100.00

Shali Zhang                                         $   100.00

Busca (Michael Cooper)                     $     75.00  (half to the Annual Program)

Miguel Figueroa                                  $     40.00 (Donation to CALA scholarship)*


                                    Total:             $13,965.00                   


* Donors’ designated funds.


Advertisers for the 2012/13 CALA Membership Directory:


Busca,                                                             $250.00 (half page);

China Books & Publication, Inc.        $250.00 (half page);

DK Agencies (P) Ltd.,                        $250.00 (half page);

East View Information Service,         $250.00 (half page);

Mittal, Ankur (D.K.)                           $239.95 (half page); via Paypal         

Oriental Culture Enterprises Co.         $400.00 (full page);

Sentrum Marketing LLC                    $250.00 (half page);

W.J. Bookstore,                                  $250.00 (half page);

Xinhua Bookstore USA Corp.            $400.00 (full page).


                                                Total:  $2,539.95

The grand total for our fundraising as of June 23, 2013 are: ($13,965.00+$2,539.95)

=$16,504.95 + Gifts from the Midwest Tape.