Election Committee

Dear Board:

We are writing to report on the 2013 CALA election.

The 2013 CALA election was scheduled to run from April 30 – May 14, 2013. The email announcement was sent out to the CALA list on March 28, 2013. The announcement included the following:

1. dates for the election,
2. cutoff dates for membership renewal as April 15, 2013,
3. names and terms for all candidates,
4. instructions on voting
5. Date to send out the print ballots

A reminder was sent out on April 27, 2013, informing members again of the upcoming election.

Because of a technical problem after some e-ballots were sent out, the voting was called off immediately (about a dozen members voted). The email was sent out at 1:16 pm EST on April 30th, informing members of the technical problem and the election was called off.
The election was resumed from May 2-May 16, 2013. Ballots were sent out in batches as the system could only allow certain number of ballots to be sent out each time. The first batch was sent out at 9:00 am EST and the rest throughout the day on May 2nd. They were some delays as the batches reached different people at different times. Questions and inquiries were received and addressed.

Because of the number of inquiries, the Election Committee decided to extend the deadline for voting for a week, to May 22, 2013, to allow members adequate time to ask questions and thus to vote. We were pleased that almost all inquiries/questions were addressed. The voting system was closed at 11:59 pm on Wed. May 22, 2013.

In total, 518 e-ballots were sent out to eligible members. For undeliverable email addresses, searching for their alternative email addresses was conducted and e-ballots were sent accordingly.

20 print ballots were sent out. (5 returned with undeliverable addresses). 2 valid ballots were received. There were no void ballots.
Out of the 538 total ballots (518 e-ballots and 20 print ballots), 443 votes (441 e-votes and 2 print votes) were received. This represents an 82.34% return rate for voting. After all votes were returned, verification process was conducted and all votes were verified. All write-in votes were included in the vote counting.

In spite of the technical challenges, this was an unprecedentedly successful election with such a high return rate.
The CALA 2013 Election Committee is pleased to announce that the following candidates are elected:
Vice President/President-Elect (2013/2014) Lian Ruan
Executive Director (2013/2016) Li Fu
Board of Directors (2013/2016) Sai Deng, Jianye He, Win Shih, Yongyi Song, Shali Zhang, Maggie Wang*
*Since Li Fu is elected as an officer, her current Board of Director position will be vacated and taken up by Maggie Wang, the next candidate with the largest number of votes, for the remaining term 2013/2015.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners in this election!

2013 CALA Election Ad hoc Committee:
Haipeng Li (Chair) haipeng4cala@gmail.com Vincci Kwong vkwong@iusb.edu Ai-Hua Chen achen@queenslibrary.org Huiyuen (Carol) Chen hchen@queenslibrary.org Dajin Sun dajin.sun@yale.edu Margalit Susser m.susser@verizon.net Weiling Liu (ex-officio) Esther Lee (ex-officio)

2013 Election Print Ballot Subcommittee:
Dora Ho dora4ala@yahoo.com Candice Mack cmack@lapl.org Kuang-Pei Tu kuangpei@lapl.org