President's Report


MEMBER ROSTER:    Esther Lee, CALA President, 2012/2013, elee4cala888@yahoo. com;




Thanks to the hard work, cooperation and support of many CALA Committee members and friends, I am glad to report that CALA has a very progressive year, celebrating its 40th Anniversary in terms of Diversity, Collaboration, Programming, Outreach and Leadership.



CALA’s membership is on the rise.  There are over one thousand registered members, with 538 of them being active.  A high percentage (82.34 %) of them voted in the recent CALA Election, resulting in Lian Ruan being the Incoming Vice President/President-Elect (2013-2014), Li Fu being the Executive Director (2013-2016), and Sai Deng, Jainye He, Yongyi Song, Shali Zhang, Maggie Wang (2013-2015) and Denise Kwan being on the Board of Directors (2013-2016). 


From the recent ALA Election, the following CALA members were elected:

ALA Treasurer: Mario M. Gonzalez

ALA Councilors-at-Large: Min Chou, Ann Drewdson, and Loida Garcia-Febo

ALA Divisions/ACRL-AAME Section, Secretary: Hong Cheng

 ALA Divisions/LLMA-LOM Section, Vice Chairperson: Leo Lo


Recently elected to the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Governing Board are Dr. Clara Chu and Loida Garcia-Febo.


Over twenty CALA members participated in presenting programs at the 2012 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color.  Haipeng Li, our very capable Executive Director, was the Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of this very successful Conference in Kansas City.  Our members Shali Zhang won the Distinguished Service Award at the Conference, Liana Zhou won the Advocacy Award, and Icy Smith, the Author Award.  The Conference attracted over 800 people, and garnered almost $12,000.00 for CALA.


Other outstanding CALA members who won Awards, Scholarships and Grants are:

1….Min Chou, Librarian from the New Jersey City University, won the prestigious CALA Distinguished Service Award.  

2.      Sai Deng, Librarian from the University of Central Florida, won the CALA President’s Recognition Award.      

3.      Maria Fung, Librarian from the New York Public Library, won the CALA President’s Recognition Award.

4.    Michael Bailou Huang, Librarian from the Health Sciences Library, Stony, Brook University, New York, won CALA President’s Recognition Award.

5.    Dr. Tze-chung Li, Professor & Dean Emeritus from Dominican University,  won the CALA Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung ($1,000.00).

6.    Zhang Mei, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, won

       Emerging Leader Award ($1,000.00).

8.      Cen Wei, Librarian from the Gulf Coast State College, Florida, won the

       CALA Emerging Leader Award ($1,000.00).

9.    Clement Chu-Sing Lau, Librarian from the University of Baltimore,         

       School of Law Library, won the Jing Liao Award for the Best Research in  

       All Media ($500.00).

10.   Ming Tong, Librarian from the University of Central Florida, won the CALA  

       Travel Grant ($500.00).

11.  Joy Wang, Librarian from the Soka University of America, won the CALA  

       Travel Grant ($500.00).  

12.  Liu Yan, Master degree student from the University of Illinois at 

       Urbana-Champaign, won the Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and   

       Information Science Studies ($500.00).


As evidenced in their Interim Reports, Annual Reports, and in the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 CALA Newletters, other CALA members also brought success to their work for the year.  For their cooperation and contributions, I am very appreciative and grateful.




Besides working among ourselves, we have reached out to other organizations and vendors to support CALA.  This year we have raised over $15,000.00, more money than the past few years.  Among the generous donors who gave $500.00 or more are:


OCLC                                                             $3,000.00

Innovative Interfaces Inc.                               $2,000.00

Esther Lee (CALA Member)                          $2,000.00

China Classics                                                 $1,000.00

Yu-Lan Chou (CALA Member)                     $1,000.00

Sally C. Tseng (CALA Member)                    $1,000.00

EBSCO Publishing                                         $1,000.00

Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.                      $1,000.00

Sinomedia International Group, Inc.              $1,000.00

Oriental Culture Enterprises Co.                     $   750.00

Dr. Carla Funk                                                $   500.00

Credo Reference                                             $   500.00







The highlight of our year is the celebration of CALA’s 40th Anniversary with an annual conference program titled Together We Make a Difference.  The distinguished speakers are: Dr. Tze-chung Li, Julia Wu and Dr. Wilfred Fong. Four CALA Emerging Leaders will also speak:  Chris Kyak, Mingyan Li, Min Tong, and Ning Zou.  The program will take place on Sunday, June 30, 2013, 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., at the Westin Chicago River North – Astor Ballroom (320 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60654.  Tel: 1-312-744-1900).


Following, at 3 p. m. – 4 p.m., is our Membership Meeting in the same Hotel’s Jackson Park Room.


The 40th Anniversary Celebration continues with the CALA Awards Banquet that night, 6 p.m. – 10 p.m., at the


Cai Fine Dining an Banquet (2100 S. Archer Avenue, 2F, Cicago, IL 60616.  Tel:



There is still time for the registration of the exciting Banquet Event at:


Over 120 people have registered already as of June 22, 2013, and more are coming.




In expanding their horizons, many CALA members attend or participate in not only local and national conferences, but also in international conferences. Within the year, certain members participated in the Seminar in Yunnam, the IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress at Helsinki, and the Capital Normal University in Beijing.


Last November, a CALA/US delegation of 10 people was led by Sally Tseng, Haipeng Li, and me to the 2012 China Library Annual Conference and Exhibition in Dongguan, attended by over two thousand people from different countries.  Members in our delegation made presentations to a group of over 200 people in a special session.  The theme was:  Building and Sharing: American Libraries’ Contributions to Communities.  The presenters were:  Mary (“Molly”) Elizabeth Raphael, Esther Lee, Haipeng Li, Michael Douglas Cooper, Michael Dowling, Carol Kachuen Gee, Clement Shu-Sing Lau, Cecilia Siu-Wah Poon, and Sally C. Tseng.  The guided tour of the Dongguan Library, directed by Director Donglai Li, was rewarding.


Later that month, the delegation (except Haipeng and Molly) was joined by Margaret Todd (County Librarian for the Los Angeles County Library) and Wenwen Zhang (Library Manager in Los Angeles and a CALA Mentorship Program Committee member) in attending the Library Conference in Guangzhou, China.  The invited speakers there were Maria Fung, Margaret Todd, Sally C. Tseng, Michael Dowling (Director of the International Relations and Chapter Relations Offices, ALA), and Tay Ai Cheng, Director of the Singapore Library.  Their theme was Library Management and Service.  The tour of the new 11 floor high Library, directed by Director Jiazhong Fang, was eye-opening.


The delegation then journeyed on to visit the Guangdong Provincial Sun Yat-sen Library, directed by Director Honghui Liu.  Again, the Library was spacious and lovely.


Finally, in early December, the group went to Hong Kong, where our dedicated  Executive Director, Haipeng Li, is the University Librarian of the Hong Kong Baptist University.  There we have a Colloquial with his staff members, and attended a Seminar given by Sally C. Tseng on Resource Description and Access (RDA), attended also by many librarians and library school students.  We visited also the unique Library on Chinese Medicine, whose digital databases on Chinese herbal medicine enabled Haipeng to receive an ALA President’s Innovative Project Award last June.


Last month, three CALA members, Sally C. Tseng (formerly University of California, Irvine) Charlene Chou (Columbia University, NY), and Wen-ying Lu (University of Colorado at Boulder) were invited by Dr. Shu-hsien Tseng, the Director General of the National Central Library of Taiwan, to present a three-day workshop in Mandarin on Resource Description and Access. The CALA delegation included Carol Kachuen Gee, Sheau-yueh Janey Chao, and me. We witnessed the success of the workshop, attended by 170 librarians, system developers, publishers and students each day.  They appreciated the talk and the Chinese and English RDA Handbook very much.




In working closely with so many talented people in CALA and abroad, I have a great learning experience, a deeper appreciation of the capabilities of others, a greater sense of gratitude for the assistance rendered to me, and a fondness for the cultural exchanges fostered.  In reaching out to other libraries and organizations, we have raised CALA’s leadership roles, visibility, and contributions to the library field.  In working with others we have found friendship, unity and strength.  What a joy!





Respectfully submitted by,

Esther Lee, CALA President, 2012/2013

June , 2013