Sally Tseng Professional Development Grant Committee

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2013 Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Committee

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The Committee issued Call for the 2013 Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant in January 2013.  We received some inquiries but no applicant this year.  

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The following item has not been addressed from the 2013 CALA Board Meeting at the ALA Midwinter due to time constraint.  We would like to request the Board to make a decision at the June 29, 2013 Board Meeting in Chicago:

The Sally C. Tseng’s Grant has been established in CALA for 10 years.  The Tseng’s funds in CALA has not been invested well.  The Committee recommends, to invest the funds in PCM (a mutual fund) the existing Tseng’s Funds in CALA so as to generate growth with dividends for future awards.

Action:  The committee requires approval from CALA Board that the remaining funds of Tseng’s Grant be invested in another mutual fund recommended by Sally Tseng, the original donor.