Executive Director's Report

Executive Director’s Report

June 12, 2013

Dear Board:

This is going to be my last report to the Board as your Executive Director. I feel I have been blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Board for many years and very much appreciate the support from all of you. I cherish the opportunities you have given me to help lead the organization forward.

Over the years, my involvement with CALA has been one of my priorities in my professional life.  Even since I moved to Hong Kong, my time during the day has been fully occupied with my university duties, and my evening/night time is pretty much all devoted to CALA business. Honestly, I have devoted much of my time to help envision, steer and move the organization forward in ways of which I feel proud.

CALA has grown so much as an organization in many areas in recent years:  the rapid growth of our membership base, the long time involvement in diversity issues, the new initiative/development in the international arena, are all good examples of the strengths of this organization. CALA needs to grown stronger to sustain these valuable accomplishments.

CALA also has many areas to improve, particularly in the way how we deal with organizational as well as professional issues. The CALA Board is the governing body of the Association and has the ultimate authority to make decisions for the organization. Individual Board members need to understand how we work together as a team. For a professional organization like CALA, decisions are made collectively which need to be respected and followed by everyone, given that one may agree or disagree with them.

My final words are my good wishes for this organization. Remember we are all volunteers. The reason we work for CALA is because of our love, passion and dedication to this wonderful Association!

Good luck, CALA!