Membership Committee

Member Roster:

•          Lian Ruan

•          Weiling Liu

•          Fu Zhuo

•          Mary J. Wu

•          Michael Bailou Huang (NE Chapter)

•          May Lynn Lee  (SW Chapter)

•          Tanya Cao (S. CA Chapter)

•          Yiping Wang (N. CA Chapter)

•          Yue Xu (SE Chapter)

•          Sherab Chen (MW Chapter)

•          Raymond Wang (Mid-Atlantic Chapter)


Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

We worked hard on implementing the plan and made good progress in the following key areas:


A.         Member Services


1.         We have maintained and improved the Online Membership Database

2.         We have updated the bilingual Membership Web Page, Membership Application Form, and CALA Brochure which are well-received by members.

3.         We prepared, designed and published the 2012-2013 Membership Directory publication by following the guidance from the CALA Board and/or the Executive Committee of the Board on what to include in the Membership section. All copies except some oversea members were distributed to the derivable addresses. For those in Mainland China, we managed to find visiting scholars and friends at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to bring the copy back at no charge to CALA.

4.         We have provided timely support to national and chapter elections and related activities to ensure smooth elections.

5.         We proposed definitions on general membership and membership categories.

6.         We facilitated members’ feedback to the Board.

7.         We helped meet members’ needs


B. The National Membership Recruitment and Retention Drive in Celebration of CALA 40th Anniversary


1.         We have achieved the goal of 500 current/active members and reached 553 members (as of 5/18/2013), another record high surpassing last year’s 515.

2.         We have sent out recruitment and renewal notices to all existing members and potential members we could reach in late fall and spring.

3.         We worked with chapter's membership committees and state contacts for potential new members

4.         We identified and recruited international members.

5.         We also identified and recruited Chinese American librarians from major US academic libraries and ALA members.


List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: