CALA OPS Editorial Board

Member Roster:

Yunshan Ye Editor in Chief

David Hickey Assistant Editor

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

We have continued to issue call for submissions via cala listserv periodically and received two new submissions this year (from Jan. to Jun. 2013). The first submission came in during the month of Feburary and after being reviewed by two referees, was deemed as unpublishable. The second submission was received in May and after the due process of reviewing, revising, and editing, was finally published in the No. 12 issue of OPS (June, 2013).

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

As I stated in my previous report, I believe CALA OPS works well in terms of giving the CALA members an accessible venue of publishing their professional work. Compared to other professional publications, it is very flexible and turn around time (from submission to publication) is very short. The difficulty I have seen so far during my brief tenure as editor in chief is to attract good quality submissions. Because most librarians are not required to publish for promotion, and we have to compete with more established publications, it is understandable that our submissions have been few and far between.  In my previous report, I proposed that we expand the scope of our publication to submissions from outside US (perhaps in Chinese) or translations of articles originally published in Chinese. That could solve the problem of lack of quality submissions and make our publication more robust. Also, because of OPS is indexed in EBSCO, we could bring valuable exposure of Chinese library scholarship to the US readership.