2011/2013 Conference Program Committee

Member Roster:

  1. Lisa Zhao (Chair) zhls50@yahoo.com
  2. FuWaye Bender benderwei9@gmail.com  (resigned 11/2012)
  3. Rosa Chen Hsu  "rosa.hsu" <rosa.hsu@hccs.edu>
  4. Li Fu lifuwc@gmail.com
  5. Em Claire Knowles Knowles@simmons.edu
  6. Mingyan Li lilylmy@gmail.com
  7. Yuan Li yuanli80@gmail.com
  8. Zheng Lu zjlu@usfca.edu
  9. Li Sun lisun@rci.rutgers.edu
  10. Minglu Wang mingluwang@gmail.com
  11. Xiaocan Wang Xiaocan.Wang@indstate.edu
  12. Jian, Xiong axiong@lib.siu.edu
  13. Ning Zou zou.ningzou@gmail.com

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

The work of the committee comes to the final stage after the Midwinter meeting. The Committee has done in this period:

- Finished the Resolution of Celebrating CALA 40th anniversary and sent to ALA President Maureen Sullivan.

- The Committee has sent the news to many national and international contacts and received greetings from:

1. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn;

2. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel

3. Illinois Senator Mark Kirk

4. ALA President Maureen Sullivan

5. Library Society of China

6. Library Society of China-Academy Committee

7. Peking University

8. Harbin Institute of Industry

- The Committee has worked with 9 poster presenters to make sure the work is done on time

- The Committee has called and will finish the video clip showing members' greetings on the program day and post on the program web site

- The Committee has made flyers and brochures for the program, and gradually enriched the content of the program web site

- The Committee has contact vendors for fund-raising. It is successful. So far the Committee has raised over $3,000 with some members' help.

I thank the whole Committee members. They have been working very hard and very responsive. This is a good team.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

As a major CALA event during ALA Annual Conference, each year CALA annual program should be fully support by CALA. It should be fully included in the CALA fund-raising plan.