Best Book Award Committee

Member Roster:

Kachuen (Carol) Gee (Co-Chair)

Jianye He (Co-Chair)

Wen Lien Lei (Michelle) Chan (2012-2014

Belinda Chiang (2012-2014)

Zhuo Fu (2012-2014)

Lianglei Qi (2012-2014)

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

Call for book recommendations was announced in March, but we did not receive many suggestions (a total of 27 books).

From these 27 books, the chairs selected 20 eligible titles (published in 2012, authors of Chinese descent) and asked members to choose  books to review. The chairs also helped members to obtain books and write reviews themselves. Members submited their reviews by the end of May.  The chairs then distributed the reviews to members for them to vote in early June. There were some disagreements over the choice of a book and a new voting was run. Eventually, the majority decided to choose seven books: 3 academic,1 non academic, 1 adule fiction, and 2 juvenile picture books.     

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Ihis is the first time I was to lead a book selection project. It invovled a lot of hard work and firm decision making. The initital work, including book searching, selection, and review distribution took a substantial amount of time and effort. However, most members did review the books and participate in voting without too much urging and persuation on my part. I apprecitae their contributions in completing this project. Particulary, I want to thank my co-chair Jianye He for her interest, advise, and support. 

Next yeat, to make this project more successful, the committee recommends more active member participation and contribution, especially in book suggestions and selections.